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Any good free online virus scans?


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When my 90 day free Symantec dried up, I tried AVG. Seems OK, but I really can't be 100% sure. It hasn't found any viruses. I suppose I don't have any but I'd need more corroboration to be certain - hehe. Just because someone tellls me I'm not an ass, doesn't necessarily guarantee it. Especially since I know I am

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Avast anti virus, I use it on 2 of my computers. It was rated the best free anti virus program out there. You can buy the professional version, but they offer a GREAT free version. Take note its not a trial so you have it for life. It constantly updates its self and it is always scanning your computer. I highly recommend it.

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Thanks guys, eeeeeeeeeee, this community is so awesome, everyone answers so fast, thank you! I'm going through everyone's suggestions now, and have downloaded actually kaspersky's free trial version as well.


Maybe I'll use them all?





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I've actually never had a virus even since I started running a comp from this place for five years now. Then again, I don't go to dangerous, wild wacky places like a lot of my friends do. Every once in a few few years I do like running an anti-virus just to see if I've picked up anything.


Never have have in five years.


*knocks on wood*


owch, headache!





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I used to have the Mcaffe wuite that came form dell. I agree with Schot its Evil!! once I unistalled from all 3 computers in my house I suddenly had no more network problems. I have 7 machines using my wireless router in my house 3 Xboxes, 3 pc's and Furians iphone. now I use AVG on all three and it does a pretty darn good job of identifing spyware cookies, blocking unwanted programs from accessing my computer and such.

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I normally do Knoppix Linux with Knoppicillin. Its a live linux with virus scanners by german CT magazin. But I think there are international and free variants of it with ClamAV. I normally prefer to have a bootable life linux or usb-stick with a mini-windows for the scanning. Kids bring a lot of virus stuff home from school.


A big problem was when the AddOn (more the SecuROM) was false positive tested by several heuristic virus scanners. So I installed a script that at each start of sacred2 all internet access and external media access was denied and the virus scanners disabled. F-Secure's deep scan for example prevented Sacred2 AddOn totally from starting up.


Since we live at country side we play LAN only anyway because 4800 baud is not really quick internet access., so disabling external stuff works for us.


The sysinternal site has some nice stuff too, if I think that the system behaves strange.

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This Program is what I use, has never had any problems with it, it is not free but try out the trial to see if it's any good.


I got that one from a friend now, using it, doesn't block Sacred 2 so it's fine for me!




Chareos Rantras

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I use Avira.

I'm -mostly- a safe surfer.

All I've ever encountered are false positives (normal considering what the files were) and one actual threat, which it neutralised without breaking into a sweat.

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