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Reinstalling Windows


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Well people I need to reinstall windows XP (again, if you can remember my past with reinstalling XP you may have some clue how irksome I find it)

Anyway to get to the point, I'm backing up everything I can think on my external hard drive and making lists detailing what I'll need to reinstall.

So far I've:

Backed up saved games



My documents

game mods.

Program skins for rocketdock and CD art Display


Can you think of anything I've missed and suggest anything else I should consider copying?



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Configuration files?

Good point, I grabbed my application data but where would my various config files probably live, not game ones but stuff like Azureus?

revoke any cdkeys that use securom?

Unfortunately I have some of these, but that gets revoked by default if you uninstall the game right?

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If you added anything to your paint type program like new textures, effects etc... that should get backed up too. Also I know PSP has its own work folder for stuff you are working on, a default save folder within its directory... should back that up too.


Save all your bookmarks too! And your network config! (you will always need the gateway ip when you havent written it down and cant remember it *lol*)

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