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Woody's application...

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It's time to do the bound...

You really want to read this :)


At your risks and perils ! :D








Do you really want to read this :)



No, sorry, it's too dangerous...









Sure :)





#1 - Veryyyyy important part here !! You have to read it veryyyy carefully for later....


-> 1) After you have done this please state your reasons why you want to be a member : [learn that per heart]

Do you know that is impossible to display the list of my qualities on a 2200x1900 resolution screen :)

(Or you can ask to gogo what he said to me this afternoon)


[(I hate doing lists, everytime scared to forget someone ! And lists for this thread is too long... :P)]


-> 2) what you have to contribute

See an example in Kamikaze sunday G3 event. :)


-> 3) why you think D.a.r.k is the clan for you

Ohh a simple question that I can answer ! yooohoo :oooo:

So, D.a.r.k for me is a clan with a name composed by 4 letters, full of members.

Hope that's the right answer !


#2 - Questionnaire


-> 1) Favorite pizza topping

A pizza with comestible things on it. (With no olive & no shrunken heads please)


-> 2) Favorite Drink

Water. -xx% chances to rip a char. :D


-> 3) Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?



-> 4) Most favorite book ever

The Art of Cooking - Tome 2 : dryad cooking -> http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacre...-_Dryad_Cooking


-> 5) Favorite movie of all time.

Deep silver Sacred 3 official Trailer. (I write this from the future. :P )


-> 6) Current Favorite Game?

Who are the responsable of this questions :)

Sacred, of course. ^^


-> 7) All time best video game ever played

See #2->6), previous question.


-> 8) Favorite sport or hobby?

See #2->6) & #2->7). (of course it's a hobby !)


-> 9) What do you want for your birthday?

[Note : first see explanation in #1->1), after I'll draw lots in the list)


Yeah I know !

Droppable new Ice and Blood items !


-> 10) Do you know anyone from our forum?

... Do you know what you will do now ? Yes, right ! See explanation about lists again in #1->1) .......

Seriously this time (other time was serioulsy too...), I can't post a list of all players I know from here, I don't want to forget someone ! :)


-> 11) Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member?

Noooooo again a list to do ...

You know... uh? >>> #1->1) & previous question.


-> 12) If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship?

Ohhhh a question without a list to dooooo !!

So I'll say YES !





Oh, it is you again ...







You're alive ?!!








Now you need >>> :)

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It's time to do the bound...

You really want to read this :)


At your risks and perils ! :P








Do you really want to read this :)



No, sorry, it's too dangerous...









Sure :)


Oh gosh. I'm so nervous. What could Woody be warning us about:) :)




lol Woody. Great application and I'm so happy to see it! I'll send your application internally for review right away!

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WoW that makes 3 apps in a month. This is very exciting. the Clan is growing, that means more cool play time, discussion time, Fun Times!


Good luck Woody. Now we can all sit in the green room and await the judges together. Furian67 and I have another week or two of probation and then......


well I don't know what happens then but I gonna pee my pants just thinking about it.

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Thx all ! ^^



Did you bring extra poutine?


For me :) Of course ! :) [I need important stocks for this cold winter while my hibernation. :smile:]

Want a bit ? :P


Ok we can share this.

1% for you and the rest for me.


No :)




10% of 10% for you and the rest for me ?

I cant do better...



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