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When it rains it pours I guess...  Heh!  We were informed just minutes ago about our Host Providers plans to move DarkMatters and SacredWiki to a new server.  Hopefully that will come with improvements!  And not headaches.  :oooo:


We will be performing a migration of the P1 server from our old storage platform to the new storage platform on September 23rd from 11 PM to 3 AM ET [GMT-4].

The expected downtime is not anticipated to exceed 45 minutes, however we are scheduling a longer maintenance window should we run into any unforeseen problems.  We have migrated numerous servers already successfully so we do not anticipate any delays or issues.

We will be posting updates to the this thread on our forums as we perform this maintenance: https://forums.mddhosting.com/topic/1474-p1-server-migration-saturday-september-23rd-11-pm-et-gmt-4/



SacredWiki & DarkMatters Supporting Member Badges

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gogoblender    1,452

Knuckles, thank you for (again!) for the stunning donation! I dont think there's any more room on the profile to say anything more than Heckuva Member that you already have, but if there were it'd be an honor to put it on.

Thanks again for the contribution, in fact the amount you put in is almost two years worth of hosting for the community... So much love today here thank you!

Our next two big purchases are the yearly hosting, which we always pay for an entire year to get the best pricing for our semidedicated server... The wiki's pix take some muscle to keep moving on top of the engine for the downloads.

We're looking to update our forum's software to the latest, IPB 4.2, which looks deeeeeelish and is a lovely conceptual change from what we're running here... Schot's already looking for a skin, and once we find something that fits DarkMatters' style, we'll start the change.

Big thanks again to you and all the gang here who love to keep this game and community going.





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gogoblender    1,452

Timo, thank you for your very very generous badge purchase! You've put a sizable dent in our hosting costs this year, and we're grateful.  heh, as a side note, this last minute fiddling this morning before getting to work (which I should have gotten to earlier :lol:) has fixed our member group display settings... 

welcome back to your Fellowship friend, and your glorious supporting member badge

... me thinks we'll do a touch up for this year for anyone wanting to donate for supporting members ... could be a natty idea 

Thanks Timo




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