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SacredWiki and DarkMatters Supporting Members Subscriptions

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gogoblender    1,464

Hello everyone

We have been asked for a few years now by our members how they could help out with hosting and other costs that have come to the sites. Pride being what it is, we have always wanted to keep the site as much about creativity as possible, while leaving the mundane and grays of life out, like bills and costs, as much out of the picture as possible. For four out of our five years, costs of the site were easy and felt as good to pay as perhaps a heavier weight lifted in a gym with the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a good success.

SacredWiki and DarkMatters' particularly large jump in readership over the last year has had us have to look carefully at what we could do with what we've got with the people we want to share our time and future with regarding the games we love to share, and the stories we want to tell.

We're not a big fan of the "donation" model for helping collect money to run websites, and like much better the idea of offering products from the sites that will offer some value and fun for members to enjoy the time they spend on the forum and SacredWiki.

Donate as little or as much as you wish. The new pay pal buttons are easy to use and are famous for accessibility to a large demographic. Of course, we can't ever let things be simple, and so have tried to put together some nice subscription packages chock full of goodies to have you show off your DarkMatters swag to others with.



All of the subscriptions come with all the same following goodies, the only exception being that differing amounts give the subscription out for differing periods of time.

Subscription costs - Your choice as to what you choose to donate which give you:


  • Spiffy and unique Schot-Crafted Supporting Member Badge
  • Increase in avatar size from 120 x 120 to 150 x 150
  • Increase in PM storage to, stand back folks... 200 pms!
  • Unique group title
  • Distinct group color



As running costs for the two sites almost hit 500.00 CAD last year, we are hoping that money raised this way with the proud showing of a loyalty badge can help pay for this year's round of :



  • Hosting costs for two sites
  • Two photobucket pro accounts for the wiki and this site
  • Url registrations
  • Yearly renewal of license for IPB Boards
  • Map upload fees
  • IPB Wiki bridge - renewal of software to integrate management of SacredWiki and DarkMatters


For this first year, all those that have already donated 10.00 will have their subscription extended for an entire year counted from January as a thank you to everyone who as sprung forward so quickly as first-adopter. We also want to thank everyone here at this site who have already contributed, and who now wear their supporter tags.

If you have comments or ideas that you think can help us even more with this, please don't hesitate to post on this topic here:

What is a Supporting Member

Our site supporters are already there, the party has started, please come join us!




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Schot    292

As gogo so well put we're excited by the support that you guys have shown us. Many thanx to all! :hugs:


We have a fair number of changes in the works which we're very excited to get underway. I think we're all able to say that DarkMatters has been enjoying a sure and steady rate of maturity and has managed to remain a comfy home. To me that's how I've gotten to feel about DarkMatters. It isn't the "Website of DarkMatters" to me. It's the "House of DarkMatters". I think our kind of house is a unique one as websites go. While many websites that I've known generally have a single distinct strength we have several. Designers, mathematicians, diplomatic specialists and the most wonderful story tellers. Not to mention the many chefs! It seems DarkMatters could go in any direction at any time. That's something I find pretty cool.

So many of us have been here from DarkMatters' infancy and grown up with it. The quality of all who reside here do much for DarkMatters' reputation and it's something I'm extremely proud of. It's a digital safe haven. A Utopia even, as far as I see it and to reach a level of quality and care within a group of people is something to be cherished and nurtured. As with every growing family ours too needs to eat so to speak. In past years, where the house has been more quiet, gogo and I have and enjoyed taking care of things. Finding suitable hosting, picking up extra resources. Some of which were just for fun but great utilities none the less like our Maplib account that hosts the Sacred maps. We'd like to keep doing that. Finding new and cool things to make our house distinct that is. Our supporting members badges will certainly help us do more of that. :agreed:


Cheers gang! :P




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gogoblender    1,464

Updated...   There is a new link at the top of the forum "Become a supporting member" which leads you to the link 

Get a badge

Link in first post now active again for anyone wishing to purchase a supporting member badge for DarkMatters/SacredWiki

Thanks everyone here for helping out as a Supporting Member these many years!





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I can't make donate from Russia. Our country is out of list:(


Edited by WallsOfJericho

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gogoblender    1,464

Alexander, thank you for wanting to help out and support the site!!  I just saw your picture, and you're right, it seems to mean that from the drop down being generated from our widget it's not showng  Russia.

I did some checking around, and found the Russian site for Paypal... 


If you logged in there would you be able to send to sacredwiki@darkmatters.org?





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