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Mythos [ Beta ] - like Sacred or Diablo, a H&S ARPG

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other mythos fan sites:



http://mythos.4players.de/ one of the oldest german fan-sites

http://www.mythos-kingdom.de/ another german fan-site

http://mythos.onlinewelten.com/ and yet, another one



http://mythos.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page Old Mythos Wiki

http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Mythos Other Old Mythos Wiki


Parked / Offline / Unavailable Sites:

http://www.mythosarmory.com/ The place with the most comprehensive Item-DB , together with ...

http://www.mythosguru.com/ ... mythosguru, which is also offline now, unfortunately.. they had an amazing skill calculator.. :

http://calc.mythosguru.com/ .. virtual skill calc with authentic GUI based on the real ingame one... also gone..


-unfortunately most of the old english fan-sites have vanished,

-hopefully there'll some new ones and old revived, if Mythos will ever be released again.



that's all for now,


feel free to discuss, share your thoughts


and don't hesitate to post new links/news/pics/videos (new or old fanpage.. new info for oldies ... info for newbies ... anything :thumbsup: )



greetings RL


(can't wait for the beta to re-launch, wee!)

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yeah, well...


first off, by now I think there are screenshots from 4 almost completely different looking developement-stages,


there still are alpha-shots and 2 different original flagship-studio betas..

then, the Koreans @ Hanbit/T3 Entertainment changed it even further..


you can see it even in the trailer of this topic's starting post, if you take a look at the menu-bar/interface..


have to admit that there's a lot of complexity/confusion on the latest screenshots of the Korean version, but yet imho contrasts are better than in D3..


(and without comparing to any other game, the textures and gfx no look more crispy and not so washed out than in the earlier stages)


on the other hand, from what I remember Mythos had a really nice item-filtering option for instance, to get rid of all the clutter of loot spilled over the floors..

similar to the option in titan-quest, but a few more filter-variables..



what I miss (just) a bit, is the level of detail like in Sacred 2 + S1-UW that I became so fond of...




maybe, you could post/link the shots you were looking at as a sample so I'd know better to what you're referring to, in addition?


Greetings RL :)

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I can say more :

Graphics seems confused only in underground combats :


(sorry for the bad quality) :



Diablo :



Very similar GFX between the 2...



And, the bar in the down of the screen seems also very similar in the two games. (don't remember where I saw this bar for D3)

For the contrast, I agree :).


Ha, just saw this :D :

...COMING 2010 - END OF D2 & SACRED ?...

I think not. If it's the end of D and S, because this will be released, it'll be the end of all these kind of games. ;)

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Okay I'll fess up. For me and Schot. We are in love with Mythos. However...we had to give it up because during that beta us and peeps from here and Rott were all a part of , that whole "randomizer" effect really got to me and eventually it felt like a xeroxed game.


Combat Art's, Monsters, art, builds... all top notch.


Me and Schot were discussing this game heavily over last few days... it's very tempting for us as we believe there is a lot of opportunity for a community like FDM"s to have fun with especially as the game is nascient...but we're still in the middle of Sacred 2, it's documentation, playing with the community...


Mythos is looking good for a next game choice though.


(As long as it comes with a Sacred 2 hack :))





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yeah, I really hope nothing big goes wrong with mythos this time... already have lost it once :)


we will see...


what really scares me a bit is that I don't know how Hanbit/T3 Entertainment handle their games, and if they could do a sufficient job working on it..


I mean, after all - there are no original developers left afaik, I think that sounds familiar from somewhere...


not sure what it's like when it comes especially to bug-fixing and not only content adding,

if there's a completely different team working on let's say 'foreign' code ?






I really hope they will care for their mythos-players patch+content and support-wise,


and not just releasing someone's elses work,


under their own name making money with it not having to work much...

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  • 3 months later...

small update:


it's been ~ 4 month of silence, here and there on the official HP and forum as well.


the situation and well-beeing of Mythos is still very unclear to me,

maybe now more than ever, even shortly after it has been cancelled the first time and FSS went down.. anyways:


here's what they (or he/she) had to say,


Redbana-forum's comm-manager 'Break!',

after taking a 'break' recently just 'broke' the silence just a few days ago:



discuss their postings err, 'news', best place to do so is here:

http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28162 (THEY REPLIED !)


or, if you want to know what Mythos is, was, and maybe will be like:

http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28079 (WHAT KIND OF GAME IS MYTHOS ?)


original posts, link&quotes:


http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28076 (in Mythos - Announcement)

Greetings Mythos Community

Welcome back to the Mythos Community!


First of all we at Redbana would like to apologize for the extremely long delay and lack of activity within the forums and community. The road to Mythos Beta has been long and perilous for us and most importantly for all of you our players. I thank all of you for your consistent support and undying patience. We will do our best to ensure that you will all be rewarded during our countdown to Mythos CBT & beyond.


As the journey begins expect some weekly updates, posts, events, and promotions coming your way! The Mythos team is back in full force and ready to give you all more insights on Mythos and the plans Redbana has for all of you!


Thank you again and have a great day!


http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28077 (in Mythos - Dev Blogs)

Mythos Developer Note - WarCry

For those of you who wondered what happened to all the great Mythos Developer Notes from earlier this year check out seom old and new info at






http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28078 (in Mythos - Town Plaza)

Mythos Forums is looking for Moderators!

Want to be a Mythos Forum Moderator?

Got what it takes to handle the community?


Message me with the following information


Redbana ID

Email Address


Essay Question 1: Why should we choose you to become a forum moderator?

Essay Question 2: How much time can you devote to the Mythos Community and Why?

Essay Question 3: Describe yourself in 3 words and explain.




http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28079 (in Mythos - Uld Inn)

What kind of game is Mythos?

What or how would you describe Mythos as a genre in the gaming space?

What do you think is the most similar to Mythos is game play and style?

What do you think is unique about Mythos compared to those other games?

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***** MYTHOS AND REDBANA @ E3 Expo 2010 in LA *****

( http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28852 )


( http://forums.redbana.com/showthread.php?t=28859 )



Mythos @ E3

The Mythos Team and Redbana CEO will be at E3 to showcase Mtyhos! Grab some limited edition Mythos swag and promo Redbana Prepaid cards for the commercial launch soon after CBT hits North America!


anyone of you visiting E3 ? ..make some photos and bring back some stories, about all the interesting games :)




Redbana Launches New Mythos Website!


Check it out!





..the "Apply for closed beta- form" moved to the upper-right corner..

I like the new 'new' look, it's more clear and well-arranged now..


bit odd tho, this is already the 3rd complete change for main-site appearance since we first heard about redbana will have to do something with the future of mythos..


(first, there only was a dark cryptic landing-page with almost nothing on it, then the 2nd 'colorful' one, and now the one that kinda looks like it might be the 'final one)

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Yeah, it was beta. But hey, it was a great game wasn't it?


I have really missed my little Gremlin, with his big cigar and even bigger attitude. :) Dual wielding pistols and blowing away anything that was stupid enough to get in his way.

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Yeah, it was beta. But hey, it was a great game wasn't it?


I have really missed my little Gremlin, with his big cigar and even bigger attitude. :sweating: Dual wielding pistols and blowing away anything that was stupid enough to get in his way.


I hope the Marksman tier will include some dw-pistol skills, finally.. or at least, some of the existing ones working when DW them...


maybe a modified rapid refire version

and, what I also enjoyed.. seeking shot - always reminds me of a WE using PA in S1UW .


tho, before the original FSS CBT ended, I just had finished my level 50 meteor pyro.. was nice with stun, vs Sere Tooth.


but also played the Gad alot, especially after I finally found a real DC recipe, with some nice heraldries to slot into it ;)


(my gad made DC's, pyro the corresponding heraldries)


duh, that was a pain in the neck to farm for ingredients, like barbed wood !


after the implementation of the crafting system, normal jewellry almost lost it's importance..


but as the advanced 'refined' versions of gems had a lot + xx to attributes required for high level gear, they were very nice to throw into starter gear, which allowed for wearing high-level gear very early followed by powerlvl session @ zivia's lair ;)


was an exploit that all unhatched eggs gave full experience when u destroyed them, but a fun to do so even after it was fixed.

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Yeah, it was beta. But hey, it was a great game wasn't it?


I have really missed my little Gremlin, with his big cigar and even bigger attitude. :sweating: Dual wielding pistols and blowing away anything that was stupid enough to get in his way.



Yup, very fun. I find torchlight is very similar, but I need me some mutliplayer!

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zivia's lair..... now that rings some bells here :(


Wee, good to see you Csas !


How're you ?


btw, I never had the chance to ask.. you don't play handball or do you, by any chance eh ? :)

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Mythos at the Anime Expo 2010!



Redbana and Mythos will be making a special appearance at the Los Angeles Anime Expo from July 1st through the 3rd. We will be handing out some promotional Mythos loot in addition to Audition goodies.


So if you're in the area, stop by and say hi! (and grab some free goodies :) )

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NEWS: Frogster now owns European Mythos-Rights ?!






Frogster Interactive purchases the European license for the MMO Game ‘Mythos’ ..


..like a english language version, as well as the german

and a french one, etc..


more in the link above..


WHOA! what would this mean for all of us now?


.. hopefully no Sacred-Scenario, with different lobbies+servers for each publisher's territories :) ?


.. would be a shame if they'd divide and separate us, after all I've been through with this game (and community) :)



btw, frogster interactive has to do with Runes of Magic, I assume many have heard about that game as well..

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.. just saw that frogster seems to bring their 'europeanized' website soon :gogo:


the URL I found is




..atm its only some sort of 'landing-page'

where you can register for the newsletter





edited some of the links in the starting post,


if the corrsponding url's have changed or seem to be wrong (if not mentioned) ,


please report the 'broken' or add new ones..

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm scared and it's exhausting ! :D


everytime there's good news about Mythos, it's followed subsequently by bad ones, so often :)


1.) after Mythos was closed, it's back! Hanbit claims the rights for it..

2.) Hanbit only does Korean version, and changes loads of stuff we would rather prefer to see unaltered


3.) Redbana, a Subdivion of Hanbit, will do a USA version!

4.) No news for half a year, Redbana ignores the USA community, and hollow promises.


5.) News! Frogster will be the publisher for the EU version of Mythos..

6.) however, most people of the gaming community have had only bad experience with frogster, so far


7.) FREE?! hmm. its going to be F2P ! - with an item-shop / microtransactions..

8.) but its likely that this will COST YOU A LOT if you are a passionate power-game and just like Mythos so much



edit: and, the latest..


good news:

FROGSTER will show Mythos at the GAMESCOM 2010

in Cologne/Germany in AUGUST, 19-23..


WIN a CLOSED-BETA KEY, amongst other stuff !

TRY OUT Mythos, hands-on test live @ their booth !


I did some more research about frogster as a PUBLISHER, it's terrible it seems?..

..you almost hear only NEGATIVE info about them everywhere, the general vibe is ~ 80% pure pessimism..



what IS it that Frogster has done to their customers,

or is it something they haven't done in the past?


do we have to worry about Mythos's well beeing,

for the THIRD time, again?




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In reply to Rotluchs request for discussion on Frogster I offer my experience.


Frogster is involved with Runes of Magic.

I quite like that game.

The idea is that its free to play but you have the option to buy stuff like permanent mounts if you want.

However it is not compulsory because you can also buy temporary mounts using gold the game drops give you.

It is possible to complete the game without paying anything but it will take longer as you need to use gold acquired from drops rather than spending real money to get stuff.


It boils down to this: if you are an avid gamer that can devote a lot of your time playing you will probably not need to spend any real money.

If you are a more casual gamer then you will find it a lot easier to purchase some things using real money.


But the decision is always yours.

For a so called Free to Play game I find Frogsters system with Runes of Magic very fair and reasonable.

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It boils down to this: if you are an avid gamer that can devote a lot of your time playing you will probably not need to spend any real money.

If you are a more casual gamer then you will find it a lot easier to purchase some things using real money.


what I couldn't find out so easily yet is,


how much does everything cost ,

IF you decide to spend money for whatever reason ?


how does it work - do you buy the ingame currency for real cash which could be spend on any ingame items then ?

(like gold, or whatever ingame currencies there are)


or do you buy certain items or 'boosters' directly with your money

(like, you pay for a set, a unique weapon, more experience, faster travel etc..)





if you are a passionate hardcore power-gamer, that likes the game he's playing, 'sacrificing' a lot of time for his/her hobby

BUT also willing to spend money, since he/she always is looking to achieve things more easily or make progress faster -


what would it cost you in Runes of Magic then, let's say for a month, or a year..


in such a case, somehow I believe it would cost you way more than any other payment option..


but still, I don't know how cheap or expensive 'things' are in Runes of Magic ..



elswhere, I've read about people saying Frogster charges ' a lot ' , whatever that might be.. ?


is that one of the reason why frogster is surrounded by such a negative 'karma' or say 'vibe' ?



also might be because they don't want people to discuss other games on their forums,


there are stories you get either banned or threads locked up very very easily in such a case -


they see it as 'advertising' , possibly drawing people off and away their own games.

which is hard for me to believe - I mean you could also listen and try to understand

what your customers don't like about their game,

or what they would welcome to see implemented ...

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Sadly, it sounds to me like Mythos is becoming a game to avoid. Much as I loved playing it before, the more I hear this time around, the more concerned I am becoming. If Frogster does take it down the route you mention, I would not touch it with a bargepole and would advise everyone else to avoid it as well!

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If Frogster does take it down the route you mention, I would not touch it with a bargepole and would advise everyone else to avoid it as well!



If you are referring to what I posted then I am confused.

I can only say this........you do not have to spend any real money to complete Runes of Magic.


There are no unique items with special stats, special areas, etc, that require real money.

Real money allows you to get some items quicker, and can make the game more convenient to play...such as permanent mounts compared to temporary mounts and potions that give you experience boosts.....but you dont have to buy anything to be as effective in the game compared to someone that does spend money.


I will tell you my experience.

I have been playing Runes of Magic for over 2 months. In that time I have spent $25 for about 600 diamonds (they are the items you get for real money).

I have bought two permanent mounts with that (that's all I have used diamonds for) and I still have enough left over for another permanent mount for another toon if I make one.

I have not needed to use my diamonds for anything else in the game. I only bought permanent mounts because;

1. I liked the look of the one I picked, and

2. It is simply more convenient for me to have a permanent mount rather than use game gold from drops to buy temporary mounts every couple of days.

So that's $25 for a game that I have played, so far, for about 200 hours. That's pretty damn good value in my books.

In comparison a game like Sacred 2 costs me almost $100 in Australia.


The game is fun, its almost bug free, I am in a guild with 100 members, it has good graphics and sound effects, is easy to play and the community is helpful and in the main very respectful.

I also see no need at this stage to invest any more real money into the game at all.


I could think of a lot worse game models out there for Mythos to follow than the standard set down by Runes of Magic. :4rofl:



Though with all that being said, I suppose if you are the sort of gamer that simply must have the fanciest looking armour, the coolest looking mount, the most exquisite furnished house, the quickest levelling toons for every possible build, then yes..........the game will cost you a fair bit of money. :drool:

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It all depends how far they go Stubbie. I am not against being able to buy 'unnecessary extras' in the game with real money, but if it involves needing to use real money to buy items or especially services in the game (blacksmithing items for example) then I will not play on principle. I have been there before with another game that sucked me in and got me addicted then I found out that you could not progress beyond the basics without certain things only available for gems, and that gems had to be bought for real money.


I will never pay real money for 'necessities' in game, but may consider buying 'luxery items'.

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