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Are you going to get sucked in to Sacred 3?

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Sacred Underworld was the first game I became addicted to, and then Sacred 2 came along and frustrated me into loving it. So I have no expectations for Sacred 3, cause that way I can't get disappointed or anything

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then Sacred 2 came along and frustrated me into loving it


lol, gee couldn't have have said it better.


Welcome to our game!





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More than likely, I'll give it a shot...after all, I gave Sacred 2 a shot. I cannot help but remain skeptical of games these days, however...they all seem like shallow, glitzy, hyped fluffy croissant shells stuffed with a sugary filling that leaves you buzzed for a time before you crash down into the carbohydrate blues. Perhaps this speaks more about the demise of the small gaming studio than it does anything else. Their passion tends towards actually making games, as opposed to making gobs of money. I think of Black Isle Studios and the top-notch creative content they were cranking out...that is, until their untimely demise.


If this game is being created by those with a passion for gaming, then I have no doubt that they will resurrect the Sacred franchise like a phoenix rising from the ashes. On the other hand, if what we are looking at here falls into the modus operandi typical of the gaming industry, then prepare yourselves for another colossal disappointment. I, for one, am not content with settling with less, regardless if it bears the Sacred name or not. This is why Sacred 2 was a failure in my estimation.

Well said mate well said, your probably right I guess, I may play the game but not sucked up, especially if I dont see the battle mage again. I was hoping to see him sacred 2 but that didnt happen.

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