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Hi yeh Lunarians. :)


Well I've just found 2 Uber Duber Quests where U can lots of Gold, experience, & some Lovely Drops.


Sooo Here they R.


History Quest. :-


When U've completed it U Get :- 2,500 Gold, 1300 experience, & a Heart Stone


The Teddy Bear Quest :- 2 Start it C Piellanshar the WareHouse Keeper.


When U've Completed it U Get :- 1,500 Gold, 1755 experience, & Bears Copper Armor.


Byeee 4 Now Suzie. :)


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Oh yeah I remember those. The Lizardmen pack a punch, that is why I love using a bow and picking them off. I love how you get so much for the history quest when all you have to do it run around hahahhaaha Now if there was only a quest to make my storage bigger, instead of having to pay an arm and a leg for it. I'd be a happy camper then :)

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