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Did you used to be a lurker here at DarkMatters?

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Yah.. We're a good bunch here... Few of us are in our teens - so bieber and onedirection isn't much of an issue. Personally, I'd like to see the lot of them shipped off to Ancaria - they be needing dragon chow there. Heck, I'd be even willing to throw in a few dragon sized bottles of Pepto Bismal to soothe the irritation.


As to the question - no.. I don't believe I did much in the way of lurking. I may have read a post or two and signed up - mostly because I had questions that needed answers.

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I lurked a bit back when FDM was first born; I do not recall how long. After that I lost the link for awhile.   Even back then, I was impressed with the niceness compared to the SIF.

That is how I got here. But I didn't register until someone told me what it was properly. I remember getting here this way, but I didn't have a clue as to what it was. I explained the situation ingam

So interesting reading these replies!   Well, I was not really a lurker on this site, but started with a little lurking on the SIF and occasionally found myself trapped without sunglasses here Ba

I Lurked here for about 2 weeks, and the same that happened with gogo on SIF I registered to post about food... and that was just more that 10 years ago. I was active for about 6 months, then moved to a new city, the house I moved into did not have internet, and my phone was to slow back then to load the pages properly, I did manage a few posts every now and then. When we got internet connection in that house I came back here very quickly. and have been active almost every day since, even if I only check in and don't post.

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