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Animated GIFs: creation + editing software ?

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..as topic & descriptions says,


I wanted to try out something,


and am looking for quite good yet (if possible) free sofware -


to edit existing animated .GIF files, as well as creating new ones.



Thank you all

in advance,



Greetings James


(PS: still am an absolute beginner, photo/grafics editing wise.. be patient with me and some question that may follow.. ;) )

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thx ;)


reinstalled it, just in case.. a new version was released a few days ago also,

I had deinstalled one of the last ones months ago..


basically, I just wanted to test some changed timings @ home,


in one of the FDM pics I spotted in gogo's current sig ;)


the 'FDM' segment (or what to call it) is set to 10seconds

that might be too long to even notice its animated at all..

if you just quickly read a post in the wrong moment ;)


was just curious how it would feel if set to more like only 2-3seconds or so, switching more often..


later, I wanted to change it's proportions a bit (bit smaller in height), and anti-alias the borders from this..


to look a bit more like one I saw some time ago (is was a bit 'd.a.r.k'er with enhanced contrast) :


haven't done it yet,

and since I haven't created a nice one from scratch myself (would take too much time beein such a bloody beginner),


I will have to ask for permission to edit this one a bit - I guess ;)

(I would ask, even if I hadn't to)

Edited by Rotluchs

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Ha, you caught my sig...lol I'll get in trouble now from Schot for using it :)


That sig took a whole lotta time... it was originally created for when the Sacred 2.com site was going up. Carolyn Hacker had asked for all the communities and clans to send in banners.


Schot being who he is... course he had to animate and be special ^^


The time of the animation took a while to figger out, because we wanted the focus to be on our community site's name with the "flash" to Sacred ...that's why it was focused on what you saw. There is actually another really nice one he did with, I think, words written in red somewhere...





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Ah hehe. That old sig eh. ^^


Check out Pencil Rotluchs. It might be just what you're looking for. :D Never used it myself but it looks like a great place to start.

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