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Ryan's Application for Clan [D.a.r.k]

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First off, a story…


A man walks along through the deep forest. He doesn’t know many people…perhaps none at all. He is a newcomer to these parts and has no sense of direction. He is completely lost in the expanse of the forest. He continues his journey into the wood. The further he travels into the foliage, the darker it seems to get outside. Sure enough, he looks up and sees the sun beginning to down over the horizon. The sky shifts from bright pink, to purple, to twilight, then darkness spreads out over the forest. Not sure about what kind of night creatures or people might be in the forest, the man becomes filled with anxiety. He finds the motivation to continue on his journey. As he walks along, the bugs become increasing more annoying. They seem to be everywhere at once, constantly crashing into his face. He attempts to ignore them, wishing that they would ignore him. After walking for some time, the man sees a small pinprick of light coming from a gap in the trees up ahead. As he focuses on the light in the distance, he realizes that his vision has adjusted to the darkness all around him. The forest is now covered in tropical flowers and bright birds, which he couldn’t see before in the black of night. Even the bugs seem to have given up and leave the man alone. As he looks around, he notices that he now has some companions walking beside him. They acknowledge one another and begin telling stories and making jokes; all the while as they stride towards the light coming up ahead. When the party finally arrives at the edge of the light, they look into the enclosure where it seems to be emanating from. Upon gazing in, the man sees a group of individuals who are having a great time- laughing, drinking, and eating poutine at the buffet. The man’s traveling companions enter into the ring of light, announcing that they have found another one willing to join they’re cause. As the man takes a step forward to follow them, he is held back by some invisible force. Curious as to what it is, he is told that an application is needed to enter. Ah, he better start filling that out shouldn’t he :)


Hey guys, thought an application with a story would be a unique twist :D The story was meant to describe my journey on this site and with Sacred 2. I started off not knowing anyone on this site but quickly made many friendships because of how open everyone was. When I realized how much fun and what a strong sense of community the D.a.r.k clan had, I knew I had to join. The reason I want to join Clan D.a.r.k and why I believe it would be a great fit for me and I a great fit for the clan, is that it is a clan that is fostered by community, and not gaming skill or something along that line. It’s the hard work of these people- fixing the wiki, finding fun builds for us, moderating the site, making sure everything’s in working order, and above all, making sure everyone has a great time- these things are appreciated by everyone and I would like to part of it by joining D.a.r.k.


Here’s a little background if you don’t know me all too well. My name’s Ryan (last name kept for confidentiality :P ) . I’m currently a citizen of the USA and am residing in a nice rural section of Connecticut (grr….how much that USA part hurt to say). Wishing I had a job, but the economy’s not topnotch over here as everyone knows. I’m currently a junior in high school, hoping to go into computer programming/engineering. We’ve got two cats over here (they love to sit on keyboard while I’m playing) and a mildly annoying sister (you know how that goes). As for my interests and favorites…well, read the Q&A section :)


Favorite pizza topping?

Sausage, without a doubt.

Favorite Drink?

Rootbeer or Dr. Pepper, whatever's in stock.

Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?

I wanted to make a change to the wiki and saw that you needed an account over here first. So I signed up for an account and here I am!

Most favorite book ever?

One comment on this question. The grammar is kind of bad as Most and Favorite are redundant :P Anyways, how about 2 trilogies? Lol I know that's alot, but I like reading :) Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Bartimaeus Trilogy.

Favorite movie of all time?

The Rock starring Nicolas Cage, and the Star Wars saga 1-6. I'm a really big Star Wars nerd :D

Current Favorite Game?

Sacred 2 rocks my life right now.

All time best video game ever played?

Probably Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Although fairly recent (2006?) it had a charm to it like no other.

Favorite sport or hobby?

For sports I do basketball, track, and cross country. My hobby is playing the saxophone and computer programming.

What do you want for your birthday?

Money, I could really use it.

Do you know anyone from our forum?

I'd really like to say everyone and I mean it. I read so many posts everyday I feel like I know everyone here, even if I haven't ever talked to them.

Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member?

Once again, I'd like to hope everyone can :) But just to be on the safe side- gogo, etherian, and schot

If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship?

Is this some kind of trick question? :D Of course I do!


I hope you all look over my application favorably so I can join you all in that center ring of light ;)

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One of the nicest applications I have read in a really long time thank you for that Ryan. :)

I will forward your application internally I wish you the best of luck with the application. :D

You will get your answer in a weeks time.

Once again good luck! :D

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The story is a very good parable. Sacred 2 is a misteryous forest where you can find lots of charming people. So the light that helps us dealing with the buggs is the clan [D.a.r.k] heh? cry.gif Oh man that's beatiful. At first I thought that it was the CM patch :)


Hey dude I'm also in high school and want to be a computer technicien! Good luck with that! :)


OMG how come I havent met the new clan applicants/candidates yet? I guess I should come back to Sacred 2 again :D


Best wishes with your application! :D

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WHOA, what an indepth author you are Ryan!


Had no idea...


You are a joy to grind with...a great friend!


Rocker for the WIN... :D may many presents come your way.


I remain, your friend

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Hands down, best application I've ever read here.


Detailed, fun, funny and you zeroed in on the things I'm most proud of here at DarkMatters


The people


I'm gonna hug you you can't stop me!

*hugs squirming Ryan*




ha, just saw Finding Nemo again.. Dori ROCKS

Thanks Ryan for applying!




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