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What's your single most watched movie?

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender

hey guys!


Isn't this such a cool question? It's not what's yer favorite movie is...but what's yer most watched! I was thinking so hard on this one after a friend was asking us this. She's nineteen years old and her whole media experience is made up of TONS of movies on her computer and dvds!


lol, this is such a contrast from days old when everyone had to go to a movie theatre to actually see one. This question becomes valid and interestting with technology releasing us from the weekly jaunts to the cinema and instead sending us down to the corner video rental shack where we buy movies instead of just viewing them!


So...whats' yer most watched?


Mine is Amadeus directed by Milos Forman and screen play by Peter Shaffer.




I received this movie from the sister of my friend Mike that gave me that most excellent reading list. I knew I had liked this movie when I"d seen it two years ago...but never realized the worth of it's repeated viewings! F. Murray Abraham is simply genius in the starring role and has to be one of the most underrated performers on screen.




I turn this movie on almost every day...just to travel back in time and listen to Salieri's bitterness of having perceived himself to be on the short end of the stick when God handed out the talent. This movie takes the scary tack of the following idea:


A is for talent and D is for effort.




lol, and the last lines as Salieri is being wheeled out..."Doomed to mediocrity!"


HE is the patron saint of medicrity you see. And it's this movie that has made me search and look hard for excellence in the efforts of the often-looked over peeps I've met in my life.

I personally think everyone's unique and irreplacble. And everyone's gifts are there to shine. We all just need that special moment to see it.


So see this movie y'all...and don't try to be a Mozart.


lol, it's heaps of fun bein ourselves!


So...which movie is yours?







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Had a pretty good think about this myself, being such a big fan of film in general its really hard to put just one in that title! So I put 3 instead, which turned out to be a little easier!.


IMDb - Aliens Definetly one that I just can't get tired of. Sci-fi action at its best, that still manages to keep up with the times. Absolutely timeless!


IMDb - Rocky Horror Picture Show Egh, not a fan of this film at all... But having two little sisters that put this on at least once a day as kids its up there as a most watched film.


IMDb - Dogma I make a habit of watching this film at least once a week! Razor sharp dialogue, creative story and lots of sick humour! My perfect film, without a doubt!


You're absolutely right about the question Gogo, definetly a toughie!




Adam 15_8_200v[1].gif

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Oooh tis a hard question fer sure! and ofc movies go by mood a bit with me.


But here's my attempt at some fav's of mine.


Snatch..haha I have seen that film over and over again...*Brick Top: Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible ****... me. *


Lock Stock and 2 smoking Barrels...another great filum;) *Bacon: Harry didn't think that he did a very good job, so he grabbed the nearest thing to hand, which just so happened to be a 15 inch black rubber cock, and proceeded to beat poor old Smithy to death with. And that was seen as a nice way to go. Now, that, is why you pay Hatchet Harry, when you owe.*


Full Metal Jacket...oooh another great filum to be sure;) * Where you from soilder? Texas Sir. Texas the onlything from Texas is steers, queers n cowboys and I don't see no horns on you boy*


Rocky Horror...hahah I can watch this over n over again...and ooh Riff Raff...hahaha...I'm a sick puppy ;)


Some other filums I love are Motzart great film goGo, The Piano, The Highlander...* Can you walk?...I'll bloody well walk outta here*


Casablanca...pass me a tissue please.

The original black and white of Wuthering Heights...pass me a box of tissues please



The Last Samurai.

Pirates of the Carribean

Kill Bill 1 & 2

Pulp Fiction

Killing Zoe



Aww theres too many to list...ouch...really good question!


I'll add more later when I've had some more coffee;)


Hope I don't have to hit myself with a mod stick for my chosen quotes :o

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Guest gogoblender

hahah, you guys are cheaters!


lol, this is about your FAVORITE most watched movie! LOL, you guys are copping out!


Yes, this IS a tuff question. But it's also still great seeing all the ones that are your faves!


@ Impietas...wow...aliens! dude, I whole heartedly concur with you...this has to be one of the most excellent movies ever made! It's just MADE for repeated viewings! The horror of the story line, some great acting from actors that made their mark on the silver screen later...and the sounds and photography are simply excellent! I always found it so astounding that two directors at their prime chose to direct the first two installment of this series...Ridley Scott first one and James Cameron. Both gave very distinct approaches to this franchise and IMO are both excellent takes on a great premise...nice one dude!

RE: Dogma...another great one! And I like what you said about having to see this every day...tha'ts exactly how I feel about amadeus. HOw can you describe to someone the feeling that you get when you put a movie that you connect to over and over again! Seeing old friends is what it's like...oh boy I need a RL! :P


@ ERialc: hahah, yer quotes are excellent! And sometimes hearing and seeing these being quoted over and over again from Charaters in a film that we love is a great way of connecting with intents and sympathies evoked from a particular scene. Heh, I totally understand this for I repeat monologues said by Abrams over and over again...lol, I just can't get over how good he is at making me FEEL the pain he's suffering. He's trying so hard and he just can't seem to kick Mozart's butt! Snatch was an excellent movie! And I will revisit it again just cuz you've reminded me how much fun it was!


Great posts everyon!


Anyone else here wanna forward their one most watched movie?


Step up and post!




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Amedeus !what a GREAT movie! me and mike both love it!! I love his LAUGH! I get a kick everytime I hear it... Good movie Pick Gogo! The Wall is a great one too. Very trippy and hard to pay attention to lmao but great!


Its hard to say what my most watched is, so I have to cheat as well.... lets see we will have to name a few I dont think I can get off with just one considering all I do is watch movies!!



Pulp Fiction

Benny & Joon

Tommy Boy

The Waterboy

Jackie Brown

Scarface (yah Im gangsta!) /rofl

Kill Bills

Resevior Dogs

almost anything by Quentin

Napoleon Dynamite


and I will stop there... that should do it lol!!

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Whoooa... Did someone say films:)

Most times seen:) Maaaybe Full Metal Jacket. Close behind... Snatch, Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Apocalypse Now, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, The Shining, Run Lola Run, Das Boot [The boat(It's a Sub actually)], Der Untergang (The Downfall), Battleship Potemkin oooooohhhh and of course mexican films Amores Perros and Nicotine. Excellent moooovies! /thumbsup


O yes, and Star Wars, all of 'em.


I watch three or four every week, just can't get enough... I'm extremely addicted, as you can see... :D

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Guest gogoblender

as addicted as ogame?





p.s. reservoir dogs is definitely up there as one of my fave all timers. Huge replay value. The dialogues is so solid. A great movie all around. Tarantino was in top form when doin this one.

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My most watched:


-Dodgeball (Ince is obsessed with it)


-Romeo and Juliet

-Dirty Dancing /blush (how embarrasing /lmao , I swear I watched it like 10 years ago over and over)

-The Crow

-Point Break (Such a classic)

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Hey Aurora- I like Romeo and Juliet too- but not the dicaprio one.... I like the classic one. I saw that like 5 times! it's sappy :D:( but they have great costumes!


and nothing embarrassing about watching dirty dancing... :D. its cute!

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Thanks HK :) It is cute but so 80s lol...


As for Romeo and Juliet, I have only seen the DiCaprio one...might have to look for another version....but I love Baz Luhrman - he is awesome!!

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Probably Star Wars, 'cause it used to be on TV every Xmas as regular as clockwork...


Probably Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi here. I can't count how many times I've seen them, nor am I sure which I've seen more.

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My wife named a few of our fav's


I agree with her...but I cant help liking the classics a lot too, maybe its the 2 years I have on her /devil




clockwork orange


stand by me


men at work


the last star fighter


real men


the lost boys


the funniest movie is - Shaun of the dead


most watched is - Army of Darkness

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holy crap, you all type like whole essays for you posts, so I didnt read anything /unsure

not sure wats going on but the movies I like are:


Bad boys 1&2



Saving Private Ryan

Enemy at the Gates


The count of monte cristo

All the adam sandler movies(water boy, happy gilmore, etc.) cant wait for the new one :D

a man apart

lawrence of arabia

indiana jones movies


also love the Band of Brothers series done by HBO /lol

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Most watched is so hard for me because everytime I buy a movie I have to watch it over and over again for like 2 weeks till Evil goes omg woman find something else to watch lol

but the ones I watch regularly in there own special order like clock work are all the Star Wars, all the Harry Potters, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

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I have ok memory and rarely need to see a movie a second time, I only seen Casablanca once and it was enough.


Anyway it would be "Titanic" for me, I have seen it in the theatre alone 7 times. It was funny, 7 times with different people. They all went spontaneous on me and hey let's go see Titanic within the same week. :sick:


Oh but the original Titanic is still better, B&W and all that.

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hahaha I saw it twice in the same day and omg I thought I was gonna die before the second time around had an intermission but that is what you get for promising your boyfriend and your sister that you will go see it with them on the same day!! All and all I saw it 4 times in the theater then a million times after it came out on VHS and my sister bought it lol

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Star Wars Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back... by far. If I had enough time, I could probably re-write the whole script. More specifically though, I've seen the Battle of Hoth prolly like 2000 times. No joke. When I was 3-4 years old, I would spend my days watching just the battle of Hoth, like entire weekends on end. Yes lol, I geeked out a lot as a kid =P .... hmm I think it's time to go watch ESB... I wish I was a Snowtrooper lol...



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had to comment on this one. True Star Wars I've watched many many times, but as a kid I worshipped Roger Rabbit-I dont know why but I would watch that everyday; that and Short Circuit(anybody remember Johnny 5?). Over time the most watched it would have to be my favorite movie: Big Trouble in Little China...perhaps the only movie I can quote right along the movie word for word and sound for sound. Oh yeah and Star Trek 2..KHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! I love that. I better stop cuz im a huge movie buff and could go on forever with loved movies ive seen too many times.

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