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Kriv's application for D.a.r.k. Clan

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Favorite pizza topping


Pepperoni and Mushrooms - They belong together, I cannot seperate them....like peanut butter and jelly.....wine and cheese.....beer and anything


Favorite Drink

Iced tea (Bourbon and club at adult events)


Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from?

I found it on a search for Sacred 2 groups after I picked up Sacred 2 used on the PS3. I have since become one of many who started on console and switched to PC.



Most favorite book ever

The Divine Comedy


Favorite movie of all time.

Blazing Saddles

Favorite Holiday movie - Die Hard


Current Favorite Game?

Sacred 2

Rock Band on the PS3 because I play with the whole family. (well, except the 2 month old, he just sits in the swing and pretends to be our manager)


All time best video game ever played

D2 or Wow....both sucked my life away


Favorite sport or hobby?



What do you want for your birthday?

Bikini top for my jeep.


Do you know anyone from our forum?

I don't know anyone from the forums in real life.


Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member?

I have been in game with loco and gogo (briefly, mostly for some trading, mount grabbing, and other foolishness). I think my posts have been slightly biased and sometimes a bit off color, but all in good fun! I don't get a ton of game time due to my job and family, so I like to have a good group of people to run with when I do get the time.


If applying for Fellowship Status do you agree to abide by all the posted Rules of the Fellowship?

(This question need only be answered if applying for Fellowship/Clan status for a sponsored game)


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Hey there fellow applicant! Hope it goes well :whistle:


P.S. The Divine Comedy is a great poem :(



Thanks everyone.



I took a lecture/seminar class on the DC in college.....best class I ever had.

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Thanks for the application Kriv

Let's all see if we can do some more hookups in game servers over next few days. This way for the vote/discussion regarding your app for the clan, the members will be able to discuss their playtime with you.


I will be playing in servers today, and I will also post in Time to Play thread when I go in so that we have good chance of meeting. Try and meet as many members as you can within next 10 days and after that we will have the discussion/vote on your application.







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