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Guess the movie from the screenshot!

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It is either that or The Mummy Returns, definitely one of those two.

Wolfen was 1981 and it is mainly around a church and a place full of rubble, not seen for a dozen years I think. So not really sure at the moment what this movie is.

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I think it is Support your Local Gunfighter


James Garner was Hearing more Dirty clothes in Support your Local Sheriff


Well Done Chattius! It is Support Your Local Gunfighter! And you get bonus points for the fact that James Garner did wear dirtier clothes in Support your local sheriff!

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I think google just killed this whole thread.

Just try dragging any of the photos into the google search bar, and 90 % of the time it will come up with the correct answer.

Especially if the images are from google.

If you take them from your own DVD, it may have some trouble finding the answer, but it makes the process of posting a whole lot harder. Screw you google!

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