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15 Awesome wooden computers

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You guys may have seen the stunning beauty of wood married to silicon in Robin Williams' very under rated The Final Cut... an unusual and very unique piece of fiction that deals with a world where people can have memory implants sharing space with their brain.



Robin William's skillfully acted and very sympathetic pen to the voices of the dead chilled me that tiny bit.


Alright, now on to the good stuff.


Not only was there exquisite lighting and acting to eat up, there was also a very sharp take on where and how computers could fit into every day ergonomics, and Robin Williams' work station was nothing short of jaw dropping . I know that the art direction in that movie sparked a lot of thinking with combining the warmth of the organic to the coldness of classically formed steel... here are fifteen ways in which this could go.


Enjoy the trip, I did







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Ahhhhh, wood, so much more stylish than alumin(I)um...although possible less convenient when it comes to LAN parties. ;)


The final pic in that slideshow is truly awesome, although the laptop in slide 3 looks pretty spiffy as well.

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This is my favorite:


It's because it's all done in wood.


The Myrtle case is beautiful, but everything else still is made of plastic....

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I love Wood! If I could afford it I would buy at least the computer case. Nice big panels of Mahogany or Birds Eye Maple, with a high gloss, you can feel the life in the wood, absolutely beautiful.

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