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Halloween Tale IV

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Add a paragraph of two and let's see where we go. Sorry for the late start this year. So busy.


Amy walked along the sidewalk toward home. It was getting darker earlier and earlier and it was now dusk when she got out of school for the day. The crisp autumn air swept the dry brown leaves around in artistic wisps. The houses were decorated for Halloween. Amy could smell the pumpkins and looked forward to carving her own when she got home. She took a shortcut through the woods. It was only a block and it was still just light enough to see in the forest. The young girl listened to the creaking of the trees and watched the eerie shadows rock back and forth as the sun's dying light filtered through the branches. Birds flitted from tree to tree. Or were they birds? Their wings were a funny shape.


Amy got the feeling that something was watching her. Probably just her imagination, right? Distracted, she tripped over a root and she and her books went flying. She got up, dusted herself off and started to pick up her books, but the feeling of a presence continued to grow . . .

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