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Looking for Ancrids Blades, High level Kuans Prides

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r00ster    1

Hey guys,


It's very unlike me to ask for items, not my style at all.




I am looking for specific weaponry, if anyone has extras.

If they aren't 'extras' I would rather not take them from you.


I am seeking;


1 level 116 ancrids blade to make a current pair.

2 level 100+ kuans prides.


I don't have a lot of items outside seraphim, but will try to give whatever you fancy if I have it.


I play evenings from 6pm~ish onwards EST time, and weekends as much as possible lol.



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Barristan    13



not sure if I kept those. I will check the mule, if it is there, it is yours.



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