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The Triple Aspect Beastly D-O-T High Elf Guide

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About This Guide


Ok guys, this is my 3rd guide and it's for a High Elf this time around! This character can be used for Campaign or PVP but it was mainly designed for Campaign but as we go through it, I'll give you some choices for your preferred play style! As the title says as well, this High Elf just like my other builds, is designed around inflicting Damage Over Time whether or not it's Wounding Effects or strait up Secondary Damage Effects! Now, without anymore chit-chat about the guide, let's get started....




Note: Numbers at the end are the corresponding levels each skill should be at by level 200 so assign your points accordingly! Also, this time around I leave the Deity Choice up to you but I do recommend you choose either Testa or Forens!


Level 02 Skill = Concentration.pngConcentration - To reduce regen times and to have more than 1 buff active (76)

Level 03 Skill = Sword Weapons.pngSword Weapons - To unlock wounding effect modifiers from swords (78)

Level 05 Skill = Armor Lore.pngArmor Lore - For better use of armor and reduced regen penalties (75)

Level 08 Skill = Ancient Magic.pngAncient Magic - For increased combat art damage (76)

Level 12 Skill = Damage Lore.pngDamage Lore - For more potent secondary effects (78)

Level 18 Skill = Arrant Pyromancer Focus.pngArrant Pyromancer Focus - For reduced regen times and mod points (126)

Level 25 Skill = Delphic Arcania Focus.pngDelphic Arcania Focus - For reduced regen times and mod points (126)

Level 35 Skill = Shield Lore.pngShield Lore - For better use of shields and to unlock modifiers from shields (75)

Level 50 Skill = Mystic Stormite Focus.pngMystic Stormite Focus - For reduced regen times and mod points (126)

Level 65 Skill = Constitution.pngConstitution or Pacifism.pngPacifism - Constitution for campaign or Pacifism for pvp (75)


Attribute Points


This is strait forward, assign them this way:

Vitality.pngVitality --- %35 of your points (That's roughly 140 points by level 200) for a pure tank-like High Elf build!

Intelligence.pngIntelligence --- %25 of your points (That's roughly 100 points by level 200) for the knockdown spell power your High Elf needs!

Willpower.pngWillpower --- %25 of your points (That's roughly 100 points by level 200) for an even beastlier tank-like High Elf build!

Stamina.pngStamina --- %15 of your points (That's roughly 60 points by level 200) for reduced Combat Art regen times!


Combos and Buffs


Buffs, you want to use the following, in order (because of Concentration Mastery):


Grand Invigoration.pngGrand Invigoration -- Incandescent Skin.pngIncandescent Skin -- Fire Demon.pngFire Demon


Combos are the following, in the order as to how you should slot them:


Combo 1 = Ancestral Fireball.pngAncestral Fireball --> Blazing Tempest.pngBlazing Tempest


Combo 2 = Glacial Thorns.pngGlacial Thorns --> Frost Flare.pngFrost Flare


Combat Art Mod Points


Arrant Pyromancer.pngArrant Pyromancer

Ancestral Fireball.pngAncestral Fireball

Bronze - Greek Fire = Higher chance for burn

This is our choice because this character focuses on Damage Over Time and this mod helps that!

Silver - Globe = Fireball inflicts more damage

Great mod for decent killing power with your Combat Arts!

Gold - Hot Pursuit = Fireballs will follow targets

This mod is our main choice because the fireball won't hit nothing unless you take this mod!

Blazing Tempest.pngBlazing Tempest

Bronze - Scorch = Inflicts more damage upon impact

Always a plus if your going for killing power so this mod is our choice!

Silver - Conflagration = Increases burning damage

Remember, we're a Damage Over Time High Elf, so this mod helps alot!

Gold - Ambition = Increased chance for critical hits

What's not to like? Higher chance for criticals means more damage!

Fire Demon.pngFire Demon

Bronze - Renew = Increases demon's HP regen rate

This is a good mod because it helps our little guy stay alive longer which in turn is good for you!

Silver - Lively = Demon increases casting speed

Unless you socket gear with casting speed, this is where you're gonna get your casting speed bonus and it helps out your High Elf alot!

Gold - Power = Increases the demon's level

Once again, the longer this little guy can stay alive the better!

Incandescent Skin.pngIncandescent Skin

Bronze - Combusting Arrows = Block Chance: Projectiles is added to the buff

This one when you have a high + All Combat Arts, really helps keep you alive!

Silver - Revenge = Chance to Reflect: Close Combat is added to the buff

This one combined with high all combat arts really helps keep you alive as well so take it!

Gold - Arrant Pyromancer Expertise = Reduces the regen time of arrant pyromancer further

This is our choice because later when we mod out GI Buff we'll decrease the regen time of the Mystic Stormite aspect!


Mystic Stormite.pngMystic Stormite

Frost Flare.pngFrost Flare

Bronze - Freeze = Further decreases target movement rate

Helpful for slowing an enemy dow before he's able to strike you in case you're weak or what not!

Silver - Constraint = Reduces opponent's attack value

Very useful for making them hit you less because you know you don't like getting hit!

Gold - Icy Circle = Increases area of effect

Because you use this Combat Art with Glacial Thorns this mod is very useful!

Glacial Thorns.pngGlacial Thorns

Bronze - Frost = Increases thorn damage

This mod because we want stopping power!

Silver - Devastation = Increased chance for critical hits

Once again critical hits give you more stopping power!

Gold - Fusillade = Increases number of thorns

Good mod because it make this Combat Art more of an Area of Effect attack!

Cascading Shroud.pngCascading Shroud

Bronze - Faint = Further increases evade chance

I would say take the damage mitigation but the chance to evade is really low so I recommended this one instead plus a high chance to evade isn't always bad!

Silver - Intangible = Chance to resist rooting effects

Really good because it sucks to be rooted, this mod also makes this combat art a great escape route!

Gold - Steam = Reduces vulnerability to fire

Good choice because you don't want to try and get away and then get turned into a burning crisp!

Crystal Skin.pngCrystal Skin -- Not your primary buff but I recommend you mod it anyway!

Bronze - Glacial Mirror = Higher chance to reflect combat arts

Doesn't hurt seeing as how the chance to reflect is already low

Silver - Focalize = Increases spell intensity for all aspects

Another good choice because it makes your combat arts more potent!

Gold - Frosty Breeze = Additionally increases ice damage

Helpful for those ice lovers but in all honesty I don't see a point for the 3rd mod!


Delphic Arcania.pngDelphic Arcania

Cobalt Strike.pngCobalt Strike

Bronze - Heavy Damage = Increases damage output

Good choice because once again we want Stopping Power!

Silver - Electrify = Increases chance to reduce enemy attributes

Another good mod because a weaker opponent is a dead one!

Gold - Critical = Increased chance for critical hits

Another good mod because criticals mean higher damage!

Shadow Step.pngShadow Step

Bronze - Escape = Chance to break all rooting effects

Good mod because rooting is obnoxious!

Silver - Vanish = Caster is invisible after teleport

This is our choice because we want time to escape from the baddies don't we?!

Gold - Mend = Heals caster while teleporting

A very good choice because like I said, this is a get away from danger spell!

Expulse Magic.pngExpulse Magic

This is a very important spell because it weakens your opponent and dispels his nasty detrimental spells that would otherwise harm you!

Bronze - Strength = Increases spell banishing potential

Good mod because it lets you you dispel even more attacks which in turn keeps you alive longer!

Silver - Pentagram = Reduces the effect of 'Detrimental Magic Effects'

Another very good mod because it helps you live longer by dispeling wounds and other nasty stuff!

Gold - Protection = Add Block Chance: Combat Arts

Very good mod because as of right now none of your buffs or other arts protect you from spells!

Grand Invigoration.pngGrand Invigoration

Bronze - Mystic Stormite Expertise = Further decreases regen times for that aspect

This mod is chosen because we already chose Arrant Pyromancer Expertise elsewhere!

Silver - Life Energy = Further increses HP regen rate

A very good choice because HP regen can help offset wounding effects and keep you alive!

Gold - Resilience = Reduces the effect of 'Detrimental Magic Effects'

This is our choice because reducing the effect of detrimental stuff is very helpful for staying alive by dispeling the nasty stuff that's thrown at us!




Ok guys, we've made it this far and this is the last part of the guide except for the closing! Ok we'll start this section off with WHAT TO USE like what to wield for weapons, armor and shields! For WEAPON AND SHIELD you're going to want to use Quetzal's First Strike combined with Glacial Defender! For ARMOR SETS you want to use Velaria's Garment Chestplate with the rest of the Adorments of the Ancestors Set! Now that should give you say 12 Gold Sockets, 6 Silver Sockets, and 1 Material Socket (1 Gray Socket)! Now moving onto WHAT TO SOCKET! In the Gray Material Socket you're going to want around a %58-64 Poison Fang because this High Elf already does every type of damage and this is the only type of damage that is not covered! For the other sockets, I'm not going to go into great detail other than just to tell you what you need! In the other sockets you're going to want a mix of Medium All Skills and High All Combat Arts, you're going to want Damage Mitigation (Like Darwargon's Circlet or Tanit's Collar), Damage Over Time, and Opponent's chance to Wound, Weaken, Burn, Poison, Freeze preferably all in one! You're going to want Damage +%, Armor (like an Artamark's Star), Chance to Reflect: Combat arts (Use 2-3 Nadji's Taming for this), you need Opponent's Defense Value -%X, also Opponent's Chance to Evade or Chance That Opponent's Cannot Evade Attacks...Lastly you want, Max Hitpoints, Chance for Knockback (On Opponents of course) and that should bout cover what to socket into your gear! I will mention now though that you want all this stuff at the highest level you can find it! Anyway, that wraps up Equipment....




Alright guys, that's my third guide and I hope this one was more useful than my PVP Guides seeing as how it's for a Campaign Character mostly! Anyway, fourth guide will be an Area of Effect Temple Guardian Campaign Guide followed by a Melee Inquisitor Campaign Guide and then I'm done publishing...Anyway, for now guys, Guru is out, Happy Hunting.... :thumbsup:

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There's a saying, "a jack of all trades can be a master of none".


Well thanks for your ideas but I really don't need them! And for your information this character does not have Sword Weapons because she's a melee High Elf! She has that skill because Sword Weapons and Damage Lore combined give you really beastly Damage Over Time Effects which you obviously know nothing about...Take me on in PvP and we'll see who wins!

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Barristan    13



I do believe 'JoAT' is aimed at the build having no aspect lores. But that might just be my observation.


How does DoT in PvP act when a character has -100% DoT ? Or 100% Damage Mitigation ? Just curious, don't play PvP, but would be interested in knowing how that works.



Edited by Barristan

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I do believe 'JoAT' is aimed at the build having no aspect lores. But that might just be my observation.


How does DoT in PvP act when a character has -100% DoT ? Or 100% Damage Mitigation ? Just curious, don't play PvP, but would be interested in knowing how that works.




Hey Barristan, Thanks for the question. I'll let you in on a little secret (well not just you but the rest of the people that read this guide as well)...My whole point of this build is Wounding Effcts, Hence the Sword Weapons skill and use of Quetzal's First Strike. As for the wounding effects (more so deep wounds) and how it/they work(s), they can't be offset with DoT Resistances and Damage Mitigation. The only thing that can offset Deep Wounds is High HP Regen and Detrimenal Magic Effects -%X. As for people who have high DoT Resistances and high Damage Mitigation and they are attempting to resist the Elemental Effects it will only work so long because if I can get at least 2-3 DoT effects at once they're dead because they have the Deep Wounds draining their HP to 1 over time and alot of damage hitting them! And honestly Barristan, I'm not sure what it's like on the PC but %100 DoT and so on really doesn't help that much on the console because of diminishing returns. I've found that it works best between like %30-80!

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