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Availability Of The Warden Energy Rune


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I have a terrible question:

Is someone dropping the Warden Energy rune for the Seraphim ?


After reaching level 35, I don't have loot a single one of these and I find it really strange (on 100 runes looted maybe).

I asked a dev of the CM patch to check (he gently checked, thanks Czevak :) ) and apparently they actually can be looted so I would greatly appreciate a confirmation.


Did some of you actually looted this rune or don't you find a single one too ?


Thanks you very much.

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I've had them drop without the CM-patch and since that wouldn't have affected the rune drop rates, I would suggest you have been very unluck. If you need the runes, just trade the ones you dont want at the rune merchant.

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Ok, thank you Dragon Brother,


I've had a confirmation on a french forum too (someone looted 5 of them in 6 hours of game...).


I din't doubt about Czevak's investigations either but I found it really strange so that's what I call no luck at all.


Thanks again, bye.


Edit: pff, I've just looted one, disgusted... classic aha

At least it reassures me.


Thanks bye

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Yah.. I've seen that sort of thing. LOTS of drops of anything but the ONE rune I want. Funny thing - I trade in some useless ones for one and suddenly the floodgates open and I find a bunch in a row. The game's weird that way sometimes.

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ahaha "and suddenly the floodgates open and I find a bunch in a row", yes, totally classic trick :smart:

We could discuss of such interesting behaviours for hours, oh well no, maybe not, but it happens quite often yes aha

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I think you have to be careful early on what you equip or rune eat early on because certain pieces of armor/runes/weapons will be harder to come by. Case in point is armor - I don't like my characters to have mismatched pieces of armor yet trying to buy specific armor pieces from shops can be a real pain.(Still trying to find all the pieces of the seraphim's 'Golden Bikini top' Just have the top, boots and what I think are the pants.)

One of the thing about runes that I do in the beginning of a new game(Bronze/Silver) is that I don't use the specific CA/eat runes that I want for later in the game or just stick with the CA the character is already equipped with until my rune collection grows to the point that eating them is needed/viable. (Level 10/reach Elf Capital)

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Hi Graeystone,

I don't have the game for long, for now I eat all the runes I find for my specialized Aspect (it's well balanced, the CA are powerful enough without having too much regen) and all the other runes I find I transform them into Enchantements (buffs) I use. Seems good til now, I reach level 200 of the buff pretty quickly and have powerful buffs quickly.

But I don't know all the subtilities of the game, very well done for now, enjoying it very much and more with the CM patch.


see you.

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There are 15 runes for each character, so with all 7 characters 105 runes in total.

You found 100+ runes and amongst them specific one was absent, is not a very very weird thing ;)

Kill more and may the good luck rest upon you! :chef:

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Oh my mistake I forgot the fact that one character should find the runes which appertain to his/her class more possibly than the irrelevant runes.

So with 100+ runes had already found, a specific one belongs the acting character is absent, this is a bit weird indeed, but maybe game engine uses something like cache to storage some drop rate parameters and doesn't update its value frequently at certain circumstances, so the random may be a pseudo random. :)

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