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Ready For The Stress Test?

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People of Uld' date='[/b']


as we have announced on a couple of occasions before, we are currently working hard to bring you the coming closed beta test of Mythos.

Actually, we are in the so-called “Friends & Family” phase right now!


And now, here’s the good part:





On December 28th, we will be unleashing thousands of players to the world of Uld in a stress test.


Our aim:Try and bring our servers down! The fun will start at 11 AM, but don’t worry: all candidates will be notified when and where their login is available.




If you think you have what it takes, visit the Mythos website at http://www.mythos-europe.com/en/mmo ,



and create an account by December 26th to get your chance to participate!




If you are one of our fans who already have a beta key, you also have to register to participate in the stress test.


If you already registered at this page, you will be included in the selection process and do not need to register again.


Before the test, all candidates will be informed by email whether they can participate and, if applicable, in which wave they will be granted access to the game.


See you in Uld!


Your Mythos Team




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Heya there Rot!


Ty for the update, hope you are having alot of fun there! :D


Don't forget to visit us from time to time and keep us posted. :D



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I agree, it would be great if you can keep us updated on this mate.


I really hope it all works out, as other games are a long way off, and we need something to get our teeth into.

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if anyone is already playing, or will be playing later today:

my first character's name is



just PM me ingame and ill add you

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