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On Demordrey (spoilers, maybe)


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  1. 1. Which Demordrey was a better villain?

    • Baron Demordrey (Sacred)
    • Ancestor Demordrey (Sacred 2)

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Having just finished the Unholy Crusade arc, I was wondering, which of the two Demordrey's do you consider the better villain?


Personally, I prefer Baron Demordrey (the Demordrey from Sacred 2 shall henceforth be known as Ancestor Demordrey, due to 2 being a prequel). Ancestor Demordrey seemed like your generic villain, and didn't seem to have any plan aside from "have the crusaders kill everyone while I summon a demon for the lulz."


Baron Demordrey, however, had a big plan, arguably verging on Magnificent Barsteward territory. Its clear that he was planning his coup for quite a while, and the sudden orc invasion gave him the perfect window of opportunity. He effortlessly manipulates the surrounding baronies and ensures he has his own men on the inside, arranges the deaths of you and Wilbur in a way that makes it seem like an accident (which fails, naturally), and finally used all the influence he had gathered to ensure his seat on Ancaria's throne. Hell, if it weren't for Shadarr, the Shakkara Demon, and of course, the player, he may very well have won.

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Keep in mind that the Baron from S1 was a main plot character. The ancestral Baron from Sacred 2 was nothing more than a side-show. There wasn't much in the way of character development - in fact, you only meet him once - before you eviscerate him in his throne room. You just find out enough about him to know he's the same sort of power hungry royal jackarse his decendent would eventually become.


As such, you can almost bet your bottom dollar there will be a DeMordrey in some way, shape or form in Sacred 3. It just wouldn't be Sacred without some facet of that clan rearing their ugly heads, doing something evil.

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I have to agree with Wolfie, it's not really a fair comparison between a main plaot character from S1 and a character that you could miss entirely if you don't pick up the quest. To be honest, the first time I did the quest in Sacred 2 I was looking at the number of escorts it gave me and thinking "Great, now I have to try to keep all these numskulls alive!" and not really paying attention to the plot. I S1 (que nostalgia) I actually felt betrayed by the guy, especially when my up until then immortal companion suddenly found he was no longer immortal.


I do find it interesting that one family seems to have cornered the market on evil in Ancaria for over 2,000 years. Surely this is something the Competitions Commission of Ancaria needs to look into?

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