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Pink violacea circles after a Windows 7 update

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Hi to all, since a Windows update on Widows 7 64 bits pro, I'm experiencing some pink/violacea transparent circles around the enemies instead of the good yellow circles. It sucks a bit :(


Has anyone else experienced the problem and maybe found a solution ?


I don't know which update it is as I did several important updates at the same time.











I have the latest drivers for my graphic card (Nvidia 266.58)


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That usually happens when enemies are a little bit higher than your character level. Is it possible that you went into the wrong difficulty? Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the update you mentioned :)

Edited by Munera

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oh :3lmao:


yes I see, well it's the first time I go in Platinum and I rush a little bit so that could explain that the enemies are tougher and have indeed these pink circles, all is clear now ahaha Thanks Munera


I was afraid it was another Directx or graphical fluorescent bug :4rofl:


see you :)

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Hahaha, nice. I'm glad you got it figured out :D

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the funny thing is: this misunderstanding has saved your character's life :lol:


Glad to help :)

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Furthermore he's an HC char! I will start doing some secondary quests to gain some levels :butcher::thumbsup:

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