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Seraphims are clones?

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This information was a shock to me, specially as the read occurred just before my coffee :lol:


Wolfe has just put up pix from a book called Book of the Seraphim. He's written an amazing summary of how to get the book via quest and for the first time, I really got to dig into the pretty concrete info that someone cobbled together.


Is this stuff Canon? I mean.. Cloned fighters fighting the "three-dimensional deomonic giant Worgarians" ?


lol,if so, rich, and a great treat instead of a muffin this morning. Having the grey cells jogged with either a review or new info like this just makes the game that much more interesting.




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defense matrix GT-AS 525 thats look like a german carsign. First 1-3 characters are for district or area: GT for Gütersloh, the place were Ascaron was located.


The district is followed by 1-2 characters and 1-4 digits, which can be requested by car owner, if not already in use, not being HH (government thinks this is short for Heil Hitler and only nazi choose it, bad luck for a former classmate Heike Heiland , she couldn't do HH and her birthday). So the AS could be Ascaron or the start chracters of an embloyee, and if the car was company owned perhaps a BMW 525 or birthday of this embloyee. Perhaps anyone who had contact to ascaron can answer.


I think in Sacred1 one spider had a name looking like a german car sign too: GT something

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I love that you're on this forum





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Seconded. That's some great info chattius :D


If they have geostationary transfer satellites, why haven't they invented cars yet? :P

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The word "clone" would not exactly be the most appropriate. A clone, by definition, is a creature that is a duplicate of another. From the tome, we learn that Seraphim are a blending of Dragon and Elf DNA. That would make them more of a genetically engineered being.


The thing that suprised me more than anything - this gem of a tome was not on the Wiki prior to me adding it last night.


@ dreeft -


Mainly because they're an extreme example of a retrograde civilization... Their level of technology seems to be slipping backwards.

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Grand. I remember reading that tome way back when I intensily played the original Sacred. Gave some nice flavour.

Who wouldn't want to run around with gen-tech swords maiden. :P

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I knew I read something before:

In 2004 GSF was a long thread about how Seraphim came to Ancaria:


This seems to be information from a developer:


Original geschrieben von MichaelBhatty

Saubere Recherche...) Jep, Seraphim sind "Klonkrieger" einer untergegangenen, ehemals einheimischen Rasse.

PS: Die Paladin-Klasse-Schiffe sind ein Insider. Für ein anderes Spiel hatten wir vor Jahren mal ein Dropship entworfen, eben das der Paladin-Klasse (Skizze ist noch auf meiner Homepage).

PPS: Die Dimensionsreisenden (Dämonen) sind angeregt aus der Literatur: R. Asprin und R.E. Feist.

Viele Grüße aus dem Reich der Schatten...




Original written by MichaelBhatty

Proper research, Yeah, Seraphim are clone warriors of a lost, former local race.

PS: The Paladin-class-ships are an insider. For another game we had developed a drop-ship (troop carrier?), whic his this Paladon-class (picture is still on authors homepage).

PPS: The dimensional travellers (demons) were inspired from literature: R. Asprin and R.E. Feist.

Many greeting from the realm of shadows...



Somewhere in this very long thread is also that the Seraphim are of Sophia#s blood. So Sophia is the one who gave the DNA?


I think the demon stuff is in book of demons?


enzyme-linked immunofiltration-assay (ELIFA) --- I am no DNA-researcher, are these devices used for cloning?


Sadly no time to search the old german threads in next few days :(


Edit: okay MichaelBhatty's homepage, no picture of a Paladin class at a first look. But there are some early scetches/ideas for Sacred1:


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That's a neat little tidbit..


Btw.. An Enzyme Linked Immunofiltration Assay has nothing to do with cloning. Not much to do with standard biology either - unless you count bacteria. It's got to do with certain kinds of bacteria and how they attach themselves to sulfide minerals. A quick google search got a bit over 4100 hits. Including this one: http://www.faqs.org/abstracts/Biological-sciences/Enzyme-linked-immunofiltration-assay-to-estimate-attachment-of-thiobacilli-to-pyrite.html


Not quite sure how exactly what that's got to do with slaves... It may have been just something convienent they found when writing that book. "It kinda sounds like Elf - with a few extra letters. Works for me. Let's go with it.."


Actually... Wasn't it Maria who was the first leader of the Seraphim? Sophia took over after Maria's untimely passing in the Great War...

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I agree with Wolfie about the elves. By the way, in some fantasy books the adjective of 'elf' really is 'elfin', opposed to the common 'elven'. I think that maybe elves existed during those times, but were a kind of primitive stone-age-like society. And later the word was changed because elves themselves used the different word than the ancient Seraphim-creators.


As for Sophia, she wasn't the first leader, but she might exist at the same time with Maria, and even be older than her, just less talented and therefore not a leader. 'Are of Sophia's blood' may be not so literally about blood. It may mean 'of the same kind as Sophia'. What is she was the first test subject, which was considered a success and therefore the decision was made to create more warriors like her.

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I have been thinking a bit about this history of the genetic cloning process that happened to create this "race".


Do you guys think it was done to them against their will?


Fascinating and a bit disturbing? I know for the ROM Spaceknight series, (loved that!)



they offered up their bodies in the fight against evil voluntarily, and I'm now wondering if the creation of the Seraphim happened from good intentions or forced.


The description of their creation, very off-hand and callous.


Makes me wonder





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Gogo.. Sheesh.. Of course it wasn't voluntary. Since when does any slave master ask their slaves to volunteer for anything? You order slaves around and TELL them what to do. I know this isn't going to go over well, but consider Dr. Mengele during WW II... I doubt he asked his subjects if they wanted to volunteer.


This isn't a Captain America-like story where he was a volunteer to help fight the Nazi's. The book says they were slaves. As such I doubt they were given much in the way of choice.


As such, I doubt they experience too much pain. Eggs were likely harvested from both the elves and the dragons and blended together in a petri dish. The resulting embryos were probably grown in a tank of some sort to maturity. Then again... In Sacred 1, we've got Loromir - who's got the hots for that princess. And according to her, the big lizard can transform himself into something resembling humanoid form.. So who knows... Maybe it was something au naturale...?

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