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Sacred 2 Direct Damage is ... ?!

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"Direct damage increases the weapons basic damage before other damage % (tatics lore, smith arts, other modifiers etc.) are calculated."

Grabbed that from a post slevin made in the SIF.

The Wiki's definition page for this has been red for this for a while now, I wanted to know if our mechanics experts all like this definition for SacredWiki.

Do we have a winner?



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Perhaps someone who has the luck of finding a direct damage weapon and a weapon of same type and damage without direct damage could do a test. By using a weapon of same type damage from stats should be same.


Remove all equipment except the weapon. Now put on equipment piece by piece which has only whet-sockets, but adds no stats, other damage, skills, ---


Plot the curve with damage in tooltipp on y-axis and x% damage on x-axis, it should be a line.


Now do same with the direct damage weapon.


Compare the ratio of climb of the 2 lines. The difference should be just the factor brought in by direct damage.

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I could not even find a reference on the wiki to Direct Damage%. I first checked the page for the set item I was looking up, but it does not even show the Direct Damage% (I am guessing that page is pre-Ice and Blood). I did a wiki search and found this thread.

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I don't think anyone's put forth information for it yet that is absolutely tested. Would love it if the links in the wiki for this item mod could go blue one day, but there's still been discussion on this mod. Unless one of the mechanics here for the game has come up with something new?





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Would it be ok to pre-face the page with a tidbit about how mysterious this new modifier is, and then post Slevin's hypothesis as the best guess we have. it gives our readers something, while at the same time leaves the definition open for additional comments or facts.

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I think the closest we could do is to give some statistics: so people could see the results. As far as I know we don't even know how stats effect the damage.


An approach would be:


Step1: Eleminating stat points from the equitation

take a naked character without tactic lore with a white weapon

write down the base damage, the shown damage and the damage modifier from stats

Now add armour which just adds x% damage. Plot the function for each weapon.

Try to find weapons with same base damage but different stat modifiers.

try to find out if stat damage modifiers is: base damage (like damage x-x rings) or direct damage multiplier (what we guess for direct damage) or x% damage modifier(like tactics lore)


Step2: plotting a function using several damage x-x rings

Once we know how stat damage is put in the formula we could take a weapon with direct damage multiplier. But this time we would not change the x% damage part but the damage x-x part.


If a weapon would have 20% direct damage and adding a damage x-x ring would have 1.2 times the effect then on a weapon without direct damage we could quite sure that direct damage is as we guess.


Will be a hell of numbers to play with and my main sacred testers are both real life busy for some more weeks to come. So to prevent wasting too much time, perhaps we should do the scientific approach: doing a theory, trying to find an experiment which would confirm the theory. Currently we are at discussing how the experiment should look.


To make all this worse: I think there is a damage multiplicator which depends on difficulty. And this modifier could either be applied direct to the base damage or to the final damage.

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Thanks for the testing that finally confirmed this one. I'm glad it turned out to be what you had theorized, Silver Fox. I had been adding Direct Damage to some items in the CM Items Mod under the assumption that you were right. Now we have something to put on the Wiki page.

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Well, it did not turn out as I originally expected it would, but it does not look any weaker than that.


At first, I thought that having Direct Damage X% makes your damage consist of X% that are not modified by enemies' armor and (100-X)% that are. But that would have given smaller damage increase and way less uniform between differently armored enemies. The way it looks in tests, you still have 100% of damage calculated normally + additional X% that ignore armor. So in a way my test results surprised me.


The testing is still incomplete. For example, I'd like to know if this additional damage is affected by opponent's Damage Mitigation. But for this I'd need to test it on some opponents with known mitigation values (most probably by slapping mitigation on Sloeford Wolves).


And well, I'm not claiming it to be 200% correct, just trying to make a theory that would explain the damage I'm seeing.

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I would love to know the results of this as well.

Has anything definitive and proven been put into the Wiki?





Actually, default enemy armor values in Sacred 2 are negligible, so you can simply take "X% Direct damage" as "X% more damage" (for attacks / weapon CA).

Even if you increase enemy armour by factor of 10 (like I did for myself), it still wont make a big difference.

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