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Malevolent focused Shadow Warrior

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#1 xnander


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Posted 10 March 2011 - 05:28 AM

Hey guys, long-time reader of Darkmatters.org, first-time poster.

I've come here a lot for information on this and that and just never really got around to posting anything. Well, there's a first time for everything.

After making quite a few Shadow Warriors, one of my first serious ones being level 50+, making some wrong mod and skill choices out of ignorance, I started yet another and got him to level 104 and in Niobium. My first toon I got up that high and in that difficulty. He turned out pretty good, but still not knowing as much as I do now about the game, made a few wrong mod/skill choices. He's a beast though, don't get me wrong.

Anyway, he was a DW/MC combo dual wielding warrior and it works well, but for some reason the whole using either Demonic Blow and/or Frenzied Rampage to me was kind of a choice on which CA I wanted to use, really. They both do well on trash and on bosses, but it all just kind of seemed like a mess. So after a while of alting a lot with other toons, making a shopper, experimenting with non-common builds, I came back to the Shadow Warrior to try and make him interesting again. I've made 2 actually, one Death Warrior focused and one Malevolent Champion focused.

The idea behind the Death Warrior was to make him more of a tank who used 2 handed swords (mainly cuz they're more common than hafted, or they are for me at least) and did tons and tons of damage using just Demonic Blow, without taking hardly any damage at all and taking full potential of the GR buff, but still using RE.

The idea behind the Malevolent Champion was to use Frenzied Rampage as my main CA and take more advantage of the RE buff, but still using GR and being more of a combat-oriented character who just dealt very quick strikes and killed anything and everything quickly.

Just all out of boredom I guess, and also cuz on all my warriors they used the armantin's set and never really anything else.

This MC warrior uses the Denderan's set for a change of pace and obviously cuz that's the tree he focuses on. And it looks cool too :P

So far it's working great at level 24 and I know people ask to test builds and whatnot before posting anything, but this isn't my first warrior or my first toon and... I'm sure we can all agree the Shadow Warrior is a bit over-powered and this build would definately work to finish niobium and get to max level. And on top of that, there's not too many offensive skills that a Shadow Warrior can take to fill up your whole skill set anyway, so obviously defensive ones would be there, just mainly focusing on the offensive ones 'til they're maxed and whatnot.

Anyway, I got a video up of my warrior in action if anyone is interested and if there is more interest than I expect there to be then I'll even post up my build and all that good stuff.

>Thanks to the people here at Dark Matters for keeping up with such an awesome site full of information.<

Very much appreciated :D

Video on YouTube - 24 SW vs. Octopus boss:

PS: sorry for the long, plain wall of text :P

#2 Dragon Brother

Dragon Brother

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Posted 10 March 2011 - 06:11 AM

Nice vid. Definitely dealt with the octo comfortably. Dual Wield toons are alot of fun to play, glad to see you're geting a kick out of it.

PS. I edited the video into your post for you, if you ever want to embed a youtube video all you have to do is paste the comple url into the post and the forum automatically does it for you.

#3 gogoblender


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Posted 10 March 2011 - 02:49 PM

haaaaaaa lol, still always kills me to see bosses going down like butter.
sweet video u got going there xnander. I moved your topic into Sacred 2 Videos, but as soon as you have a guide going (you should do it, eveyrone wants an in on boss killing !)) We can move it back into Shadow Warrior Guides section for you.

Impressive first post, welcome to DarkMatters!



#4 xnander


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Posted 11 March 2011 - 01:01 AM

Hey, thanks for the replies and the interest. Of course, no problem with the moving of the topic, and thanks Dragon Brother for the tip on the embedding of the video. I like watching videos on YouTube of people's toons and how they're doing and the boss killers always amaze me. Especially the people with low weapon damage and High LL%. Those are the best! lol. I think for the most part I can leave this video here and I might set up a new topic in the guides for the shadow warrior I'm working on now after I beat silver at least and hopefully get a video of him with the Nameless Guardians. Having to record with a cell phone is a pain and maybe I can figure out a way to do it more easily before I get to that point, which will hopefully be soon 'cuz I'm rushing campaigns with him. Anyway, I should get a guide up soon and hopefully keep it well updated. See ya 'round.

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