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The Alliance of Uld must fight, Heaven Isle will not surrender !

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Rotluchs    48
The big InGame event!


On of Friday the 18th it will be time for fun and action with an event that gives you the opportunity to really get into the fight. Now comes the time for you to do your part for the Alliance' date=' to truly stand before the tide, to defend Uld to the bitter end, read on!


Satyr, Cyclops, Gremlin all shall stand together, shoulder to shoulder to guard this world against the coming danger and we will not pass quietly into the night, we will be their death...


A new era is upon us, our home the lands of Uld will change!


Tomorrow secret documents detailing the plans of the UM Security Council (United monster Security Council) will be made public to all the heroes of the land, will you be one such hero? Will you stand against the dark tide? Will you be able to tell the story to your grandchildren that you were there?






..more news in next post

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Rotluchs    48
The Alliance of Uld must fight!


On the 28th day of the first month, a frenzied horde of zombies already attempted a hostile takeover of Heaven Island. But it was not only zombies who tried to overwhelm you, the Alliance of Uld. We must never underestimate the cunning and the many faces of evil. More than ever, we need valiant men and women who, side by side, will prevent the worst that can happen – the downfall of our beloved Heaven Island! You were unable to attend back then? Witness the past through the eyes of the gods of Uld:







In the course of time, more aircraft have landed and brought new warriors of peace to Uld – including you! Peace and serenity prevailed once more for a while outside of the dark world of the caves. But, far from just giving up, the evil powers in the depths of the underworld constantly mourned the failure of their first invasion on the 28th day of the first month. The invaders eventually came to realise that the Alliance of Uld could only win this fight because the evil forces were stumbling about on a blind, aimless rampage! Therefore, they quickly founded the UMSC (United Monsters Security Council) to represent the interests of all monsters in Uld and lead them into the next bloody battle.


The time has come!


Spies from the Alliance of Uld braved the horrors of the underworld in order to find the answer to the crucial question: "Is there a serious threat to the population of Uld?" The answer quickly became evident. And it was scary...

Secret documents issued by the monster union reveal that hostile acts and other activities are scheduled for Uld on the following days:


Invasion schedule (strictly confidential)

  • March 18: The magic power of the gods will grant you double experience!
  • March 21: The wise guardians will bestow gifts upon you – directly in the game!
  • March 22: The luck of the ancient gods of Uld will be with you!
  • March 23: Start of guided tours through secret ancient underworld caves!
  • March 24: New swarms of monsters are expected in the game, and secret entryways will be opened for new recruits!
  • March 25: Start of the grand finale. Stop those evil hordes and save Heaven Island!

Read Albus' plea for help and learn how you can team up with your friends in order to save Uld. If you have not yet obtained a Closed Beta key, Albus promises he will see to it that you get one!

Albus proclaims the following:


Citizens of Uld,


we are facing difficult times! We need to stick together, fight together and, most of all, prepare for the worst! According to our spies, the first impact of a new wave of invading monsters in Uld is expected for the 18th day of the third month – which is this Friday! On this day, the first attack is going to hit us in Windmill Village. More waves of intruders are to be expected in the days that follow!


Peoples of Uld – get ready to defend our homeland! We need every single monster hunter who is able to wield a weapon!


In order to get you ready for the impending invasion, the guardians of Uld will assist you in the days that lie ahead.


At 12 PM on Friday, March 18th, the ancient magic forces from the past shall reawaken. During your activities, you will collect twice as much experience! However, these magical forces are limited. We can only sustain their power until 12 PM on March 21st; after that, the force field will collapse and experience will once again increase at the usual rate.

Use this time wisely, and prepare yourselves for the hard times ahead!


Between 2 PM and 7 PM on Monday, March 21st, a wise guardian will await you in Windmill Village and present you with a bundle containing all kinds of potions. Use this chance to restock your supplies, because the weak monsters in Windmill Village are only the beginning!

Speak the following words of wisdom unto the guardian: "I now belong to the Alliance of Uld, and I require your assistance!"


By 12 PM on Tuesday, March 22nd, we will once again have gathered enough magical energy to support you further. You will be blessed with the luck of the ancient gods of Uld until 8 PM on Thursday, March 24th! During your forays into the darkest dungeons of the underworld, your pockets will fill up with items twice as fast!


Between 2 PM and 7 PM on Wednesday, March 23rd, another wise guardian will be available to search the so far unexplored dungeons of the underworld for mighty weapons, aided by four volunteer fighters at a time. To join him, simply report at the "Travel elsewhere" gate to Stonehill Market and speak the following words unto the wise guardian:

"I am ready to face the unknown!"

At the end of each successful killing spree, unique gifts will await you!


On Thursday, March 24th, we expect yet another strong wave of invaders. According to our intelligence, the hordes of monsters are going to try and bring all areas of Uld (Greenreach) under their control. The Alliance will recruit another batch of new warriors for this day. Additional access to the game can then be found in the wide open spaces of the Internet. ;)


At 6 PM on Friday, March 25th, all warriors of Uld are called upon to meet for the big MYTHOS picture! The venue will be our beloved Heaven Island, and it will be portrayed one last time while it is still intact. We are going to show the UM Security Council just how strong we are when united, and that we are ready for the great onslaught of monsters on Heaven Island!

Every single warrior of Uld must attend! The Alliance is going to display all the raw combat power it can muster.


In the evening hours of Friday, March 25th, the great assault on Heaven Island is going to be launched, according to the secret documents we found. You must hold Heaven Island, no matter what! You will be well prepared and equipped for defending Uld, our homeland.


Warriors of Uld,

in the next few days, you are going to encounter all kinds of outrageous monsters, not only in the dungeons of the underworld, but right in our villages, in front of our own doors! Following the grand finale on March 26th and 27th, we will know whether we, the Alliance of Uld, have succeeded in preserving our honour and our homeland. We are counting on you all to be there, kicking some serious monster butt!


Starting immediately, the Alliance is recruiting new warriors to assist in the defence of Uld!

You do not have access yet? Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and report >here<


One thing is certain: After March 29th, Uld is no longer going to be the same! ;)


May the gods of Uld be with you…




You can discuss the event here.



which means, everyone posting over there, gets a granted 'last minute' spot in current closed beta, and will be able to participate in the 'end of closed beta event' as well, as I understand it..

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Rotluchs    48


Recruiting now -contest-


We need reinforcements! As you have probably read by now (The Alliance of Uld must fight The big InGame event! The Alliance is expecting a massive assault on our homeland. All those who are able to wield a weapon without injuring themselves are getting ready for an epic battle.

Our resistance movement' date=' the Alliance of Uld, must stand firm against the union of monsters. And that is why we need you!


[u']How do you become a member of the Alliance and obtain access to Uld?[/u]


Add your own ideas to the following endless story in order to create your own tale of recruitment together!


It is a cloudy day, and rain is whipping the Alliance trainer's face. The first recruits have just arrived. A scrawny, inexperienced bunch, but they all seem to be ready to lay down their lives for the freedom of Uld!


Now how does the story continue? Let your imagination run wild and write at least one sentence and at most three sentences per entry to complete this recruitment story. Pay very close attention to the contribution right before yours, because your story must tie in with it so that everything makes sense!


Every participant will automatically receive a Closed Beta key and thus be able to enter Uld and support the Alliance right away. Recruitment in this thread will be active until 3 PM on Wednesday, March 23. The Alliance is looking forward to your contributions.


May the gods of Uld be with you…






so, warriors of Uld, unite ! we're calling for all old and new Mythos Guild members, as well as anyone else..

If you don't have acess to current closed beta yet, claim your spot over here, and follow us into war..


Heaven Isle must not fall into hands of evil powers !


Greetings Bob

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Rotluchs    48
"I knew they where there even before I saw them, the stench of the Zombies and Gravelurchers carried on the wind like like, well... Dead meat, dead meat come back to haunt the living. Windmmill Village now needs help now, they gather near the Stonehill Market, not the strongest of monsters, but I believe that it is just the beginning."


The power of the gods will grant you double experience, now!






experience x2 , wee !

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