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My personal CM-Patch Mod

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Because I would like to have a few more things from ciSacred Mod in the game, I have made to myself a mod for the CM-Patch.


There are only files for the graphic settings "Standard", and I will not adapt it for others, because I do not have the time to do it.


The following things were changed:

"Adornments of the Ancestors" got the graphics from "Golden Raven Mod"

"Detheya's Agility" is a little cozy bauble

"Falada's Blizzard" got the graphics from "Diamond Ice Mod"

Healthbar in rainbow design

new make-up for Seraphim, High Elf and Dryad

Cape of "Scourge of Lordaeron" removed because of clipping bugs (not on the shot)




Direct Download: http://www.lazy-tomc...I=LT-CM-Mod 130.zip

Downloadsite: http://www.lazy-tomc.../downloads.html

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Nice but this work with CM patch 0110? :thumbsup:


Sorry, I forgot. Yes, it is for v0110. And I cannot edit my first post.

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The fur armor of the Dryad is only a little test. The golden armor is also not planned. But the ice armor will be included sometime. In v0120? I don't think so, but who knows?

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I love what you have done with the Falada's outfit. :thumbsup:


Unfortunately I use graphic settings higher than "standard" so I guess I cant use it on my favourite icy High Elf. :(

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Unfortunately I use graphic settings higher than "standard" so I guess I cant use it on my favourite icy High Elf.


Do you use Elite graphics? Ice and Blood, just like the CM-Patch, does not contain any Elite Graphics. For stable gameplay Elite graphics are not recommended.

Here are my settings:



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Nice work, Tomcat! I'll give this a swing, when I get my Sacred 2 back on feet one of these days.

HD breakdowns really suck...

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Wonderful work Tomcat and great to see it working with the CM PAtch! :)

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Man, I'm late for this launch party! :cry: Is there anything left over for me? Oysters on crackers? I'll even settle for some leftover caviar scrapings off some plates if :D


Bravo Tomcat! It's an incredible release! Feature laden, and packed with an incredible take on Faladel's Blizzard. I never really fancied the one that came with the game, yours looks like something at tougher hero would wear. Taunt on Ice Elf!





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@ jdrdjr


This mod is like the others made for the Generic Mod Enabler. click



@ gogoblender


Nothing is left over. Especially no lasagne. :tongue:

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Hey. Lazy Tomcat's site is gone, and so are all his DL links. He made some great stuff that never made it into the CM Patch. I had it on my computer at one point, but can't find it now. Does anyone have this or a working link to his mod(s), in particular the icy Diamond armor he made? I'd like to preserve it, not including it my own mods, but just to keep a link up for it.

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Does anyone have a way to get to Lazy Tom Cat?

Should I try? There is always possiblity of hosting them here in DarkMatters, Yoshio, if you have them they can be uploaded and even titled with Lazy TomCat's name in the title,?

I'll see if I have any way of reaching him, I think there are members of German community here who may have contact as well





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Glad to see these can still be found. I think these were the first real taste any of us got at seeing graphical mods for this wonderful game.

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I shot LT an e-mail and I would like to wait for his reply before I send any files of his around. At least I would like to give him one week to reply. If I shouldn't hear back from him till end of next week and if You, Gogoblender, can really do it the way that it is clearly seeable that those files are from LT, I think, it will be okay.

Anyway, please bear with me and I report back as soon as I hear from LT or latest next week!

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