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Fist Weapons Build - CM Patch

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Okay, I am suffering from curious myopia.

Wrote a punk type song like that long time back. Describes when people are focused on just one thing or way of doing something, and miss something that Captain Obvious is sure to point out at some point.


Started a new Shadow Warrior to perfect the build, and didn't have dual wield yet, so just used one (and a shield that auto equipped).

It's faster. Much faster.

Frenzied Rampage does a salvo of either seven or eight, from my ten minute test, so you're only losing two from the dual. It completes faster, probably 25 percent faster (more testing will confirm).


I'm sure most of you have some sorta sword and board FR shadow warrior. Try it yourself.




In pure DPS terms, a claw and shield may be more dominant. With a lot more defense.


Also, since a claw spawns with LL%, a regular ole dual wielder could put it together w a claw and sword.


Captain Obvious has spoken :thumbsup:





Now I'm starting to unnerstand.

I'm fully testing before I release the results, but there is a BIG difference between different fist blades/knuckle dusters/talons.

If you view the animations (like I am currently testing) side by side, you can see the similarities and the differences.


One I've tested so far moves like a dagger, exactly.

Two I've tested so far move like a one handed sword, exactly.


I never noticed; I was dual wielding them by level five. No diff in animation speed regardless of which one used dual wielding.


This of course means that at least one is inherently faster than the others. That's a big deal.

The LL % ones may spawn on only some of them, which is also a big deal.


Fully testing; be back in a few days to report my findings. Unless someone tests them and tells us first :)

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Whats your current skill set at the moment? And are you having regen/health/hit chance issues or anything?


Long time not here, so was looking through some of the old posts, and figured I catch you up on this one DB


I finished Niobium on two of these fist weapon guys.


One was on Unrie, the dude I posted the plat guard vid on, and another.

You should be able to see the build I took on Unrie. It was diff than the build I posted here. I died once at 108 to three fire traps right before the guardians, but then took him back at 111 and killed the guardians in about five seconds a piece.

I had 5.6 leech percent, with dual wield maxed, and two combos a piece took em down.


I'll do a final write up on them very soon, including a comprehensive claw analysis.


I had no kind of problems with anything other than not paying attention really. As long as I was hitting, I was killing.

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