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Sacred 2 Downloads - Fallen Angel Patch: 2.40 UK International

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File Name: Fallen Angel Patch: 2.40 UK International

File Submitter: Schot

File Submitted: 08 Apr 2011

File Updated: 08 Apr 2011

File Category: Fallen Angel Patches


Run this patch directly after installing Sacred 2 Fallen Angel.


for use with sacred 2 Fallen Angel Uk International version only. This is the version that is the most popular for sale. When you buy Sacred 2 Gold in English it is this version.


After installing this patch then Patch 2.43 should be installed.


Click here to download this file

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Actually... You only need to install the 2.43 pathc in very specific situations...


1.) You're upgrading from a previous installation of Sacred 2 and have saved games that were created under Sacred 2 Fallen Angel 2.43. (I.e. you're going from the US version to the UK version)

2.) You've only got Fallen Angel and do not have the Ice and Blood Expansion (yet).


If you've got Sacred 2 Gold (with the Ice and Blood expansion) and are installing for the first time - and have no previous characters that were created under 2.43, then you can install Sacred 2 and then all you need is to patch to 2.40 before installing the Ice and Blood expansion.


Very cool that we've got the file up here now as well.

Edited by wolfie2kX

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