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Frozen happiness!

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Thanks for the recipe.

I normally try to avoid coconut cream and fat for kids. We have no market I can buy fresh coconuts. And buying final products: the coconut milk orten is heated in production process to 200C to remove strong tasting acids.  Above 170C there is always  a risc that unhealthy stuff is created. And kids have less weight but eat more ice. They reach the level you have to considere health issues more quickly. 

Cashew seems yet(?) free from such health issues. It is tasting more neutral right away and -having the seeds- you can produce it yourself with full control. There are also a lot of healthy minerals in cashew, like magnesium.


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On 8/3/2019 at 1:42 PM, Delta! said:

Coconut milk and cream. I use the 400ml cans. 

easy recipe:

2 cans coconut cream

2 cans coconut milk I use the cream and milk, because the cream does have a slighty higher fat content...

100g glucose ( if glucose is not available, then just use 100g extra sugar)

300g castor sugar

50ml vodka, or if available, a coconut flavoured rum like the one below.



Warm up one can of coconut milk with the glucose and sugar to just melt the sugar, remove from the heat and mix everything else together. Churn in an ice cream machine, and keep in the freezer till needed.

yumm... right off the bat with malibu... kayumbo!




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