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Mythos Open Beta launch tomorrow, 12. April !

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Tomorrow on 12th April @ 10 am UTC,

the gates of Uld will be opened for everyone.. !


Meet us and many other people ingame, for some hot hack&slash RPG action ..


The official homepage:


The official forum:


Frogster Account-Management:



Our guild - thread :


Our guild - user group:



Open Beta Starts Tomorrow.




Finally the wait is over, starting tomorrow on Tuesday the 12th of April every one of you Mythos mad-men will have access to the Open Beta servers, the gates will be opened at 12:00!


If you already have a registered Account, then all you need to do is go to the following link:




We hope you come well prepared, because this is not going to be easy! There are throngs of monsters waiting for you and tons of quests for you to do with your friends; it's going to be a lot of fun…


What can you expect from the open beta?


  • Switching from closed to open beta will be done seamlessly, there is no need to take the server off-line.
  • Note that this is the open beta version, the trial may still contain errors or game play elements that have not been completely finished yet! We appreciate your continuous feedback regarding these issues so we can improve the game.
  • The localization (translation) is not yet complete, please be patient with us, this will not be finished until release.
  • The development team is still working on ironing out various issues. The current level cap 27 has been removed for the open beta.

If you want to discuss the opening of the Open Beta then please follow this link.








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open beta has started,


if you have already signed up you can now log in and play ;)


if you haven't signed/up registered yet, you can do so here:




make sure you've deinstalled any old Mythos client before installing the new one (from March 29th)


you can find the current client on the main page.. (download>game download)


current installer is named Mythos.exe , if you have the old one named Mythos_Setup_GER_101223.exe or similar, download the new one first

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Dled installed but I can't get it to work

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