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May lots of Sushi and loads of pain-free days for your neck come barreling your way. You are hereby officially allowed to touch nothing with any part of the code for Wiki or DarkMatters.


Just for today though:p


Happy Birthday!





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Hey Schot Happy B-Day :D


My hope is that you are pain-free also. I'll even let ya spend one full hour in my computer chair. Heat, massage AND a cup holder...nothing beats that :)

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I was wondering which birthday song I should choose for you, finally did this one:


Wie schön, dass du geboren bist,

wir hätten dich sonst sehr vermisst.


How nice that you were born,

we would have really missed you otherwise.



Info, lyrics and english translation of the birthday song can be found here:



My wife ruined all my future birthday parties: 3 years ago she gave birth to our twins 10 minutes before my birthday ended. The girl already shortly after midnight. So they are now 3 and I fear before they are teenagers noone will remember my birthday :)

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Big thank you's to you all gang. It was a wonderful day all about me. :D Love the video chattius. Cute! ^^ But... Are Germans born with that Heavy Metal kinda voice? :rofl: Oh and my Birthday is also shared by another in my family though not quite a Birthday. By my father's passing. It's quite strange. Almost like the day no longer feels like mine but I don't mind sharing with my dad. Been six years now. Funny cause I always had a hard time remembering his Birthday in November. What better way to remember his birthday than to instead share mine eh? :)

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German and heavy metal voice - Modern german is mainly spoken in northwest germany. The area we live has a very barbaric dialect, most famous for what people outside the area call a 'rolling r'. The main difference to modern germany is mainly that we put a lot of r's in words which won't have them normally:


Thunderstorm > Gewitter (modern german) > Gewirre (hessisch)

Chains > Ketten (modern german) > Kirre (hessisch)



I play tuba and bass-guitar in our firefighter band. One of the songs we often play at folk festivals was written by the former band Fäägmeel. So if you want to know what the rolling r is I am speaking about, listen to it:



The birth area of my wife has another variant of 'hessisch'.




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