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Camera's don't Lie

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ok, I got all the pictures done. No thanks to the Hansen Brothers, stupid skellies are good at holding swords bad at clicking a camera. Next best option was to bribe a kobald, No one else was dumb enough to go into a dragons lair. Only kobald I could find that didn't run away was the Chef, and he would only take pics if the Hansen Brothers would take a bath "wink wink" in this huge cauldron of "water". I gave him a definite yes to that. Not only can't the Boys take pictures but during this conversation, they were supposed to be watching my back, they are off running down the hill after some silly rabbit that lost its tricks. So the adventure continued, until we got to Dryad Island. We found the Gyrvim Island dragon and just as it gave its last death bellow the little Chef lost it, snapped a picture too soon and promptly passed out. Ok no worries, I'll just ask one of the boys to try one more time.....*looks around* "Dude what are ya doing, I need a picture of that!" Blarg, there they are chewing on the head of my recently deceased dragon. What am I to do with these guys?

Anyway, let me know if you need some more pictures, I'll have to hire a professional, and I'll get them to you right away.


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lol, holee molee! The pix are great, Furian, great job on the story here!








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