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Wacken 2011 Open Air - Blind Guardian and others

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I, me-not my wife-not my daughters-ME, got 2 tickets for Wacken 2011 as a gift, thanks to a friend from Wacken Firefighters. The Wacken Firefighters are a brass band of the volunteer firefighters of Wacken. The helped in organization of the concerts for years and as a thanks they were allowed to do the opening of the concerts for 10 years now. It is somehow funny that ten thousands of heavy metal fans are singing and dancing to brass music.


And now everyone wants MY tickets. So the big question is who will get them.


My wife and me and grandparents doing babysitting for a long long weekend...

My wife and our oldest daughter...

Oldest and one of my nieces...

ME and a friend from firefighters...


If you never heard of Wacken:


Official trailer


Wacken Open Air at Wiki (biggest annual heavy metal festival in world?)



List of bands ....



The Wacken Firefighters doing brass music

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I thought your post made it seem like you really want to go? So I think you should go, but with whom?


Personally, I don't enjoy BIG concerts like that... been to a few and I definitely prefer more intimate performances so I wouldn't hesitate to give the tickets away myself.

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With 5 kids in the house I would think for you and your wide to get put for a nice long weekend. All marriages and the Family need it!

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Since the concert is broadcasted live in german TV tonight I decided to stay at home and let some of the better looking family members watch it live --- just in case the cameras would take shots of me. So our oldest and a niece are at Wacken. With all kids out of house for the weekend I think my wife and me could as good relax at home.

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