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Sacred 2 DownloadsElixir Change-CMv0140hf.zip

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File Name: Elixir Change-CMv0140hf.zip

File Submitter: DMCain

File Submitted: 09 Jun 2011

File Category: Ice & Blood Miscellaneous


The elixirs (green potions) will remove any DOT effects on the character and add damage over time mitigation for Fire, Ice, Poison, Magic and Physical damage types based on the Alchemy Skill.


The included blueprint.txt has these changes already in place and is for:

- Sacred 2 Gold (Fallen Angel, Ice & Blood, English UK)

- Community Patch v0120


These changes to the Elixirs (green potions) are as follows:

- Cures any status effect (not changed from original)

- Added Damage over time mitigation for Fire, Ice, Poison, Magic and Physical based on the Alchemy skill


If you are NOT using the community patch and desire these changes, sadly, you have to do this the hard way. The included read-me file has instructions on how to make the changes.


Click here to download this file

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