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How to upload files to DarkMatters' Download Section successfully...

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The DarkMatters downloads section software module is highly unintuitive. But.. It's what we've got to work with for the moment until the authors of IP Board come up with something better.


So... Let's say you've got a file you feel you've got to share with the community. Here's how to avoid getting that dreaded "Contact Admin Error..."



First, prep the file(s) by putting the file(s) into a ZIP archive. This can be done by using Windows' own native "Compressed Folders" feature (which is actually a ZIP file) or by using an archiver tool like WinZip. In addition to the file(s) you want to include, it is always a good idea to include a handy text file explaining what you've got in the archive. This way, even if the ZIP file gets renamed for whatever reason, you still know what is inside the arcive. If, for instance, you're wanting to send a collection of your legendary weapons that you've been fortunate to have harvested over the past month, simply create a text file that says that you've got 2 Kal'Dur's Legacy, 3 Officer's Sabers, etc... in the chest file.


Second, you need to click on the DarkMatters' Download Manager. You can do this by clicking on Downloads in the top portion of the screen.




Note: I use the IP Board default theme, your mileage may vary.


Next, decide on where you want to put the file. The download manager is broken down into three main catagories for Sacred 2.


A.) Plain Vanilla Fallen Angel

B.) Ice and Blood

C.) Community Patch


The other catagories are for Sacred 1 and it's UnderWorld expansion.




So let's say for the sake of this guide, you're wanting to upload something to the Fallen Angel section, and it's specifically for the Seraphim and it's a chest full of armor and other goodies. In this case, you're going to want to click on Fallen Angel in the picture above.


The page will change, and you will see additional sub-catagories:




Next you will want the Fallen Angel Items sub-catagory:




The page will change again, and you'll see a bunch of sub-sub-catagories:




Note: when you've reached the "bottom" of any tree, the folder you've selected will be highlighted in blue as seen in the pic above. There are no further levels below this. You can now proceed with uploading your file.


Uploading files


You will want to then click the Upload button on the top right hand side of the page:




The page will again change and it should look something like this:




Next, you will need to click on the Browse button for the file you created above. This will pop up a standard open file dialog box for you to navigate. Find the file and click on Open. Now, here's the unintuitive part: You need to click on the Attach File button below the Browse button. If all went well, you should see the filename appear above the text box and browse button.


Then, you will need to attach a screenshot. For the sake of consistency, the managment would like it if you used a standard icon for your primary screenshot. These can be found on this post here


Once you've got that file and uploaded it - the same way as before (Browse, open, Attach), you should see the picture in question below the browse button line.


Third, you need to type in the name of the file in the File Name box toward the middle. Do NOT include the extension (I.e. if the file is called "Stuff.zip", do not include the ".ZIP" in this box). If there's a version of the file, include the version number in the box below that. If there are any changes, you can add a changelog that will tell people what's new.


And finally, you will see the final required item - the description of said archive. If you did your homework when you created the archive, you can simply open the decription file and copy and paste it into this field. Otherwise, you can type in a description of the contents of the file. Please include anything anyone might happen to need to know about the file. Remember, YOU might know all there is to what's inside, how to use it, etc... but someone who's new might not have a clue. Keep in mind that Sacred 2 appeals to a broad range of users - some old time vets and those who are, dare I say it, "newbies". Not that it's a problem being one - everyone got their start sometime and we all fit that description at some point in time.


And to put the proverbial icing on the cake - you need to click on the Add Submission button below the description field. At this point, your file has been uploaded, and is now pending approval by one of the moderators. If you click back up to the catagory view, you should see your file listed there, highlighted in reddish pink. When it's been approved, this will go away and it will look like all of the rest of the files already uploaded.


Happy uploading!

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First Class! lol, Wolfie, you just put together the best packages dude. This is really gonna help the community, and it'll probably have the questions trafficked to it.







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Funny thing is, I did everything you mentioned step by step and still got that admin error. I have no clue what is so special about my files that they keep getting rejected. Maybe it`s my browser. Maybe it`s just my rotten luck.



when I logged into your account, I was able to make all the uploads. I'm not sure what is happening on your end, but this question is very curious. You can try uploading your files from a friend's computer. This would be another step with the trouble shooting and would discern tween method used and computer/browser setup.





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Funny thing is, I did everything you mentioned step by step and still got that admin error. I have no clue what is so special about my files that they keep getting rejected. Maybe it`s my browser. Maybe it`s just my rotten luck.


What brower(s) did you try it with? And while we're at it what version of Windows do you use? If you're using like Firefox and have script blockers or other plug-ins installed, those may be the culprit. FWIW, I use Windows 7 and IE 8 and it works quite well..

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