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Buying Legendaries

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Hey im on ps3 and would like to purchase my first legendary I will trade most everything for one of these (impenatrable protector/bargonix axe/ most stuff except the quest stuff and the rings/

stuff il trade (again most everything il trade for 1 legendary)


rontrhons legacy

cordells jav. of war (x4)

desert saber (4-7)


ysandrifas law(x3)

lorgas sword

toriks wrath (x2-3)

shadow weaver (x2)

sudden death (x2)

dwendoriks vanquisher

halberd of the commander (x2-4)

kers scepter (x2-3)

executionars axe

quetzals first strike

ork shock (x2)

ancrids blade (x1-2)

lord waynes playerkiller

barenerets judgment

optimus minimus (x2-3)

flame smiter

pyxs cudgel of admonishment

nengruils doombringer (x1-3)

dark guardian

officers saber (x3-4)

raging ire (x2)

grimwalds guardian (x2)

vlandhars revenge (x1-2)

unireths lightnin (x2-3)



kuans prider (x2)

rancuils dark flame (x2-3)

nlovaes mystery (x2)

blade of mutiny (x2-3)

iridescent wand

spear of the cult veteran

piritas bone staff (x2)

dragonbone swiftbow

pulsar (x2)

deaths chirr (x2)

seyrs klinge

iieias dirk

xyrnas parable

testas annihilator (x2)

serpents tounge

zardonss pulverizer

ice flash

toriks wrath

khandars slicer (x2)

tinworas curse


sword of the blood dryads

cheops eye

ignis magica

jhavolers enegizer

tensanuils legacy

ragnos slayer

djaleks annihilator


romulus tears

glacial defender (x2-3) stalworth safeguard (x5-7) shield of mirrors (x4) wall of flames eternal block


ARMOUR - I have most high elf pieces and few sets for high elf also got SW PIECES and a few of other pieces from other chars also if u want to no the lev of the weapons send a message psn online - godlike32195 or leave a comment on here also I left out a few weapons so yh buying a legendairy with most that stuff btw most stuff is under lev 100

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essjayehm    43

Welcome to DarkMatters, godlike32195!


Trading for a legendary could be a tough sell, but I do wish you the best in finding someone who wants to!


Happy Hunting!

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gogoblender    1,485

Great list of goodies you got Jason, I hope you're successful with the trade. And welcome to DarkMatters!





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ty I dont think its a bad trade seing as I have most of the unique weapons amulets/rings annd bows and soo much set armour I didint include everything the problem is finding someone who wants this stuff under lev 100 or someone willing to trade a legendary

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Not bad info on item's but you could of posibly typed the level of each and every item and I know it would take some time looking back and forth but still you should riight down all needed info on items but I dont think you will get far trading for legedaries becuase your items arnt that high of a level so good lok anyway jason =P.

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