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What the ....!


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Heaven 7 - 3D animation - Truly Amazing

EXE in RAR | 64KB only



You can not believe your eyes

All graphics and musics packs in to only 64KB /shok






used tools:

visual studio - development enviroment

turbo assembler - assembly compiler

3d studio max - 3d models and animating

fast tracker II - tracked music

adobe photoshop - 2d artwork

texgen - stephen's texture generator

upx - final executable packing

3d models are stored as object type




two more:


Please don't try to open bottom one, if you don't have a fast processor on your computer




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Oh god. Now you've done it Yarasa. I think I'm going to cry! /cry


Oh it just tears me apart seeing that stuff. I've dreamed of doing that stuff for years. I go on every single day several times a day rendering animations of some sort or another whenever I'm not occupied and it's trapped their in me head. *takes a deep breath* haha


Well the fact is that's my ultimate goal. Animation. Likely using Maya as I already have it. My most recent imagining was inspired by an idea of gogos and recent ogame events. I'm trying to create it using Imageready but it's just not up to the task I think...


Very inspiring that heaven 7 animation. And only 64kb?! That is just sick! :o I must have their secrets!

Funny thing about animations is I often see that their are a lot of names involved in a single animation. Kinda makes me think it's impossible for one person to create an animation but then I remember a friend of mine and his demo reel. One man show who won first place for his reel in school.



Maybe it's time to open up a favorite animations section? :D


P.s. ...And there became an animation section. /woot

Moved my previously posted vid from here in fear I was hijacking your topic Yarasa. Sorry! /blush

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