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Ghost in the Shell


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I think this is still my all time fave. I love the intro to this film which can be seen from the 5:25sec mark to the end. Exceptional production value and the score is one of the best I've heard. Unfortunately this version is not very high in visual quality. To see the full product is to be in awe! /shok


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GITS, /thumbsup


I love this anime, it is alot more mature and intellectually appealing compared to other animes like Pokemon and Naruto.

I have the first season burned to dvd subbed not dubbed.

This is the second film, if you want it I can get it in a jiffy ^_^ just let me know.






Edit: Actually I will start looking now, I want to see it.

Edit2: Do you mind if its in japanese? with english subs?

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Yup yup. Very inteligent not to mention at times very disorienting. Like when they were in that strange mansion and "the sidekick", can't remember his name, was trapped in some sort of time loop. Talk about messing with the viewers head, haha.


I have this version which I bought for my bro in law and can always borrow from him but the first one I've yet to watch....


So I juuuust might take you up on that offer. :D Should you find it that is.

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