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Nether Allegiance Build Q & A

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Mangren    0

So, I got it in my head to Shadow Veil and Nether Allegiance my way through Niobium.


But can it be done, and what does the build look like.


So the premise is, my guy buffs and watches...


1. Astral Lord skills always at CLvl (+all skills)

2. I'm always invisible.

3. Though I can if necessary, I don't use any combat arts other than 3 buffs(Nether Allegiance, Shadow Veil, and Reflective Emanation), and 2 CAs(Rousing Command and Augmenting Guidon). My goal is to not use any others if possible.


With those assumptions, here are my questions.


A. What other skills?


1. Tactics Lore will get me the mod points for Rousing Command, Augmenting Guidon and Reflective Emanation.

2. I can't be completely unhittable, so I need some defense thus Armor Lore, Shield Lore, Toughness?

3. Blacksmithing, duh...

4. Probably Ranged, so I can use the LL% shurikens in the event that I get "unveiled".

5. But what else? Combat Reflexes? Constitution?


B. Are there any gear bonuses/attributes bonuses that will help my skeletons? If not then I want to optimize for defense, evade, damage mitigation, blocking and reflection + visibility.


Of course my other option is once I get to 25 shadow veil runes, I can just switch off the skeletons and go with the invisible melee guy, kind of like a stunlock rogue in warcraft. But if it's possible I'd like to go the skeleton route.


Love to hear some thoughts here, I've seen some discussion of the concept, but not an in depth focused one... The only other build I saw used the skeletal fortification and rallied souls CAs to boost damage, and I'd really rather it's more complicated than I'd like to manage. The nice thing about this build if it would work is hit your skeleton buffs for boss fights, and other than that just run where you want to go, and pick up loot. Nice and simple (probably boring after a bit), but hell the standard DW/MC build is too...

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claudius    81

Even max 200 rune skeletons do not kill very fast. Take a look at my general claudius build. It is a summoning build with skeletons and rallied souls. I also used skeletal fortifications for mob killing with frenzied rampage to rph charge my SF. Finally a %LL shuriken is the way to go on boss veiled.


My build didn't use shadow veil except on dragons and guardians and the like, but you can use it if you want. With a shuriken you shouldn't ever unveil because left clicks don't unveil with shuriken. My shadow warrior, general claudius in the builds section, was pretty much indestructible except to spitting spiders massive amounts or eyes from blood forest.

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