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Worthy Skills

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I'm playing a new SW, and I'm still planning the build. I want to get the most out of the hard skill points. I've always thought that if you aren't going to get a skill to the mastery it's useless to spend points on it, but when it comes to the already mastered skills, I don't know where to put my free points. I've heard that it's always good to have Constitution as higher as you can because it has a good bonus increasing rate. Which do you guys think are the best skills to boost after the mastery?

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Focus skills are good beyond the mastery if you plan on putting a lot of runes into your skills.


Other than that, I'm pretty sure mastery level makes everything scale better, so it's just a matter of what matters most to your character. In the builds I've been making, there hasn't been room to take more than 1 or 2 skills beyond mastery anyway, with the amount of points you're given. If you master 9 skills, and put 200 in one, you only have 36 points left.

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I always felt that with skills everything was worth taking to mastery otherwise there wasn't much point picking it (concentration excepted, but even then maybe the last skill I would master). Especially with the diminishing returns on everything it just made sense to master them all.

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The thing is with + skill amulets and rings you can easily get + 200-300 to all skills, and then hard points after mastery lose importance, and maybe they're only useful to reach mastery and get the bonuses. However I don't think I'd spend 74 points in things like concentration or speed lore, at least not with a SW. I think I'll go "Tactics Lore FTW" lol

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Hrm... good question, Munera! Welcome back :)


My views, but not necessarly with a SW in mind...


IMO, EP and Bargaining are "always" worth it.

Focuses are good, but Lores are better, as in "bang for your buck". Especially if you run your Combat Arts into the partial levels and get casting speed penalties for it. ;)

Constitution, WEL (for shield toons), I have pumped past mastery but didn't really see any great benefits... but the points were there to spend so that's where I ended up putting them after getting the other skills mastered... if offense was an issue, then Tactics or Focus would've gotten the extra.

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