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Divine Protection Question

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Zaraki    0

After reading some posts about this skill, I wanted to clarify some stuff.


1. How do I know the strength of the shield? I assume the shield has "hitpoints" but what is it at each level of the CA?


2. Which attribute, if any, affects DV (I think it's Willpower, but not sure). More importantly, however, how much does each point in the attribute increase the DV shield?


3. Which skills affect DV strength and how much per level of the skill. Warding Energy Lore I know affects it, but how much per point? Also, does Revered Technology Focus/Lore affect the DV shield strength in any way?


4. After the CA is modded and leveled to be chain cast, is it possible to keep it up all the time? I don't mean duration wise, but more of a, can the shield be so strong that it will basically never wear off?


I play on the console and I know this CA is really strong. I just don't know how strong because there are no numbers to look at and know. So I'm trying to get more info on this. Thanks.

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lujate    373

#1. On the Combat Arts screen, it gives the value as "Damage Absorption". The biggest issue with energy shields on the consoles is the lack of the blue strength bar that the PC versions have.

#2 & 3. See http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Divine_Protection

#4. Your shield can get so powerful that except for a few bosses, your shield duration will expire before it runs out of points.

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