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Need set part of Innocence,Faladal or Celdrahil (High Elf)

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Well....I need 2 parts of Innocence (Circlet of Innocence and Robe of Innocence)

4 parts of Faladal (Faladal's Eye,Faladal's Cord,Faladal's Safe Step and Faladal's Finesse)

Or 4 parts of Celdrahil (Celdrahil's Visage,Celdrahil's Flames,Celdrahil's Claw and Celdrahil's Doom)

If anyone have one part or complete set of this,please help me.Only for take Fashion Victim trophy,and if I learn the trophy I give you my set,if you need too.

I have parts of Seraphim too.


PD:Sry for my english.

Have a nice day!

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I have

Robe of Innocence

Faladal's Finesse

Celdrahil's Visage, Celdrahil's Claw

I couldn't send a message to you on the PSN. Is your gamer tag right?

Mine is D4Y_D7E4ME7 if you now only need these parts then message me 8)

I'll like to have your set Adornments of the Ancestors when your done, if your done ...

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