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Ehh, as I thought. :P


Well, thank you for your welcome! :)


However, I don't think I'll be here too much. I'm a bit busy with eradicating Ancaria's wildlife. Eh, busy life of a Dragon Mage.


As not to make it all spam, a few thoughts about the CM Patch from my side:

- Downloading made me some troubles. 1st didn't finish completely in one run. It somehow got paused/reset? I had to make FF download the rest of file. Afraid that the file could be corrupted, I hit the download again. This time it couldn't set the time remaining right away but after few minutes the file was downloaded successfully.

- Some missions are still bugged or missing translation (I got text like: "mission_completed_text").

- One mission started even when I didn't trigger it. It was "Hunting Fever III". I was doing missions in the Cursed Forest when a timer popped up on my screen. I thought it was (finally) a feature allowing to see the remaining time of spell boosts but unfortunately it just showed me later that I *failed* a mission.

- I love the fact that NPCs now back away when I'm overleveled. My character was making earlier some thoughts about it, but I didn't really see it happening on screen. Now it makes sense and is kinda satisfying for me. :D

- The new items (like bottles) are interesting, although personally I don't use them too much (another thing to sell).

- The game got slightly unstable now. Once a while it freezes completely and I have to close it using Task Manager. It hurts pretty much when I didn't save the game as I lose all rewards but the mission is set as completed (another bug?). I'm running the game on Win 7 x64. Before the patch such freeze has never occurred.


Generally, I think, it's nice to have this patch (especially with the mods that work with it), so thank you guys for finishing this patch! :)

The game still has its annoyances but I can live with them, at least for now.

An awesome, chock full o' details post... see? we bring good members to Sacred!




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Well thank you for your work and I really appreciate it .... BUT why the hell you guys removed the fraking Mountain secret ? There was absolute NOTHING wrong about expect it was a funny feature....

< This is the "Secret" Its NOT my Video.

So please fix this non sense.

I still like the community patch but thats just to much ... Just delete the game itself maybe its just fixed maybe just remove the whole Page...
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That video was clearly made with Ice and Blood installed, so it's a safe bet the CM Patch made the change. I've never seen or heard anything about those quests though. I could probably transplant them back into quest.txt, if I cared to, which I don't.

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You can hardly call that a secret quest; it's most likely some leftover developer stuff that was never removed and so the CM team decided to clean it up. There is no quest to complete though, simply click on some people and get rewards (and I think there is a unique mount salesperson in there somewhere too) so I guess they figured it something that didn't need to remain.


I'm sure I recall it being mentioned in a patch note or in some discussion on this forum when it was done...

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