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Astral Lich King Build

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This is the build I'm in the midst of trying out right now, haven't tried it out using the Frenzied Rampage, but let me know what you guys think, will it be fine enough to push into Noib?


This build layout is assuming that you actually are familiar with the mods and Combat Arts of a SW, therefore every detail isn't spelled out for you here, this layout wouldn't be for a person coming to the forums to learn what a SW is capable of, but trying to figure out the funnest way to run a Summoning SW


Attributes:80/20 split

1. Stamina

2. Vitality


SW Skills (Master Order)

1. Astral Lord (1)

2. Astral Focus (2)

3. Malevolent Focus (6)

4. Ancient Magic (7)

5. Speed

6. Hafted

7. Armor Lore (3)

8. Combat Reflexes (4)

9. Constitution (5)

10. Concentration (8)



Playstyle – Minion Lord style based with some personal player Combat Arts thrown in so you are bored and your SW can contribute to the Minion's

Combat Arts: <Layout - #'s = CA and Rune Info; letters = skill/talents that improve CA; Roman #'s = Mods>


1. Nether Allegiance (Astral Lord) Rune Buffet!


a. Stamina

b. Concentration


I. Bronze – Sharp Blades

ii. Silver – Commander

iii. Gold – Elite Equipment


2. Spectal Hand (Astral Lord) 1 rune


a. Concentration – Regen

b. Stamina – Regen

c. Strength – Damage


I. Bronze – Clout (50% more damage)

ii. Silver – Intent (Crit 19.8% base and 1% per 5 CA levels)

iii. Gold – Double Attack


3. Augmenting Guidon (Malevolent Champ) only RUNE if Duration>Regen.


a. No skill buffs a buff in its own, and from its Focus


I. Bronze – Elite

ii. Silver – Healing

iii. Gold – Leadership


4. Skeletal Fortification (Astral Lord) only Rune if Duration>Regen.


a. Concentration - Regen

b. Stamina – Regen

c. Ancient Magic – Damage!

d. Intelligence – full hit chance of spell


I. Bronze – Rapid Fire

ii. Silver – Depends on what element you lack the most of

iii. Gold – Scatter Shot


5. Shadow Viel (Astral Lord) Rune buffet until detect immune


a. Astral's – more invisibility (without can be detected out of combat)

b. Concentration – Regen

c. Stamina – Regen


I. Bronze – Creep

ii. Silver - Nimble

iii. Gold - Sinister Pact


6. Rallied Souls (Astral Lord) Rune Buffet (be careful of regen)


a. Concentration – Regen

b. Stamina – Regen


I. Bronze - Armament

ii. Silver - Vivication

iii. Gold – Furor


7. Frenzied Rampage (Malevolent Champ) Don't eclipse SH regen time with runes


a. Concentration – Regen

b. Stamina – Regen

c. Str/Dex – weapon dependent (damage)

d. Combat Disc – damage


I. Bronze – Double Attack

ii. Silver – Intent

iii. Vampire


8. Killing Spree (Malevolent Champ) :) haven't tried this yet to know the runes input please


a. Ancient Magic – Damage

b. Combat Disc – Damage (combos)

c. Concentration – regen

d. Stamina – Regen

e. Intelligence – full hit chance of spell


I. Bronze – Control

ii. Silver – Perserverance

iii. Gold – Sway

9. Belligerent Vault (Malevolent Champ)

a. No extras needed, use as a short cutter.

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Looks fine, Tybudd. The worst thing about veiled SW's is that you'll be running along just fine, pwning enemies 10+ levels above you, never getting touched and one of 2 things will happen:


You will get so bored of being 'invulnerable' and have to drop the toon to play something that may actually take some damage at some point, cause you to think or do something.


or, if you stick with it long enough to get into Niob at quite low level (60-70)


and get hit with an Area of Effect - death. :oooo:


The invisible SW does have one drawback in that there is some mechanic with Area of Effect spells that hit the veiled SW's minions/teammates/etc.. that causes damage to him. I've insta-KO'ed lots when I ran one when running into areas with the "lightning streak" combat arts that is used by the Fen Fires, Garema casters, maybe some others. NOT the blue bolt from the Ogre Shamans, that looks like Cobalt Strike.


BEWARE the Area of Effect. :wizard:

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