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Mythos Global - CBT start on Dec 1st 2011

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It hurt's to see what happened to this game in the past.


the once so promising D2 'successor' failed it's first attempt to go live or finish beta,

back in 2007 and 2008, when Flagship Studios went bankrupt and had to close doors, after the Hellgate-Fiasco .



So, the developers and creators of the Games Diablo and Fate, lost their newest baby they which was about to hatch at that time, back then..


The Koran publisher/dev HanbitON/T3Entertainment bought all the Mythos rights and IP..


..and promised an US/global to be launched 'soon' .. that was back in about 2009, and it never happened.


Instead, they released it on the Korean market only, before Frogster signed contracts and published Mythos EU in spring 2011..


the first relaunch of Mythos on the western market was a big desaster,

I believe both for old fans, new players and the involved companies..


Hanbit changed almost every aspect of the game,

and tried to force Mythos to become a cheap standard 0815 asia grinder MMO with nice H&S ARPG gameplay elements,

rather than sticking to the originial idea of a pure awesome H&S ARPG online game, with some very useful mmo features.


They kept the game's name, it's graphic's style/engine,

and at least the essential combat/item system..

but they altered the entire rules too much, implemented too many new bugs,

fixed too less old bugs and implemented not enough new useful stuff right in time.


Mythos Europe failed entirely, and had to close it's server - doors just a few months after it's revival over here.

the service was shut down end of october, 27/28th 2011...


and suddenly, out of nowhere,

T3Fun announced the relaunch of the game just once more, after it had died, before it really started to live.. :



they call it 'MYTHOS GLOBAL' this time,


and according to their info, a short CBT will start on Dec 1st and end on Dec 5th 2011.

I'm gonna check it out for sure. Don't know why, but I will..











is it gonna be a 3D shooter this time? will they rename it to Duke Mythem?


will they cripple it even more than it already is? or trying to deliver a changed product, suitable for the western market?

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"Mythos Global will enter CBT phase on Dec. 1, 2011 and will end on Dec. 5, 2011"


It shows same dates on their Facebook page. I'm not going to get my hopes too high. Apparently the same company has Hellgate and several people have complained that the only part of that game getting bug fixes is the store.


That said, even in the version just before Frogster killed it, it was a semi-decent diversion of time if you didn't have a better game on hand. Better than spider solitaire even if it was equally repetitious.

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To be honest Mythos was a decent game and definitely more than a diversion :) ... well at least at some point. After the relaunched hanbit/frogster still had his moments. Now... well why should we think this time would it be better? One problem was the to much "koreanization" so we didnt liked it and they shut it down. It wont be real different with the "Global" tag. Still... I would like to play it again...


ofc it would be even better to put up Sacred UW HC Closed MP servers again :)

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Still... I would like to play it again...


ofc it would be even better to put up Sacred UW HC Closed MP servers again :)


that's exactly what I thought..


I'm also playing PoE recently every now and then but it's just not... well.. donno.

It's cool to see that PoE has such a great developer who talks a lot to the comm, and that the comm can be such a great part of game development, so to speak.

their way of running things reminds me a lot about how flagship studios was doing their original mythos beta.

but anyway, even this just isn't making PoE a better game, at least for me it isnt.. although it's very promising, and I'm curious what it will become and definitely gonna stick around.


If I had the choice :


I would prefer a 2nd addon to Sacred UW closed HC. not gonna happen.

so, at least standard Sacred UW closed HC would be nice, also never gonna happen.

original Mythos also won't happen,


so what's left for me right now is, PoE and the altered Mythos Global/EU version.


I would prefer Mythos.

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This Downloader uses Pando Media Booster to download Mythos Global. When you use this Downloader, you install Pando Media Booster and participate in a secure, closed peer-to-peer network where you receive pieces of the download package from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well as other active users (peers). In addition you send pieces of the download package installer to other peers participating in the secure peer-to-peer network. No other files can be shared on your computer via Pando Media Booster and your computer is never used as a relay nor for transient storage of content you did not wish to download. More information about Pando Media Booster and how to manage it can be found at http: //pandonetworks.com/pmb-faq . To accept the Terms of Use, install Pando Media Booster and start the download click "I Agree".

Sorry, but I'm not going to trust any game that uses an unknown peer-to-peer network to download the game to my machine and then use my machine to download to others. No game is worth the risk of destroying my machine with viruses and other malware. Too many webpages saying people had problems w/ Pando for me to ever trust it.

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just wanted to let you know,


Mythos Global OBT is about to start in less than 2 hours ; )




current direct download links:



(this is NOT the full client, it's the downloader. choose a location on your HD for the installer after launching the downloader.

go to their forum and tell them to add a direct link for the full client and some mirrors as well, if you dont like that pando thing)



(Bit torrent link - full client. but right now it's a bit slow in speed.. maybe they add some more seeds later)


Cya around,



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