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Elite Fighter: T-Invasion

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Hi guys.


I've made a new difficulty mod for Sacred 2 Ice and Blood for Community Patch 130.


Its focus is to improve gameplay over vanilla by raising difficulty and toughness of most Elite and some standard monsters to make the game a little bit more of a challenge for high end characters.


In this mod the Elite can actually put up a fight rather then just fail hopelessly, unable to penetrate top-tier character defensive parameters. It also introduces 2 T-Mutant armies, invading lands of Elves and Orcs in the vicinity of T-energy contamination sites.




- Higher risk & higher reward. Elite type monsters significantly increased in difficulty by raising their battle parameters and HP pools. The increase is not flat and is highly varied depending on the region and monster type. Difficulty gradually rising as the campaign progresses. For example: Cobold elites are not very different from stock, but Demons and Temple Guardians can be brutal for some.


- Higher reward for elite kills: drop amount from the elite is increased.


- T-Mutant armies invade the High Elf and Orc regions: stop this madness and slaughter the punters.


- Minor improvements to various officer and champion type mobs: they can actually hit you on occasion rather then miss all the time.


- A slight increase in overall monster density and aggressiveness (30%), respawn time slowed accordingly.


The experience will probably depend on your character type and strength: If you're tough and hit hard and fast it will still be less of a walk in the park. And for those squishy ones, well.. they'll roll all over you.


Great way to test your character coolness.


Oh and by the way, switching between this and vanilla CM 130 is extremely easy and can be done in one click.


Download here: Elite Fighter: T-Invasion

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No offense but my mod still makes it harder than yours ;) Instead of adding T-mutants I added bosses


Lots of them. And I also balance the skills some. But I acknowledge your effort. Good job :cow_white:

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No worries Moonpaw, your mod is a great one. Still its good when ppl can choose between extreme and moderate increase in difficulty, more choice - always better, different folks like different things. Besides, I bet they can switch anytime between the two.


And thx for the spawn.txt tool. Though I still prefer a text editor, its a great way to test a file for spelling errors and it also explained a few things to me. I recon it can become extremely useful if you add the region pic support as planned, otherwise its difficult to say sometimes where you're putting the stuff to.

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