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Leveling for an astral warrior?

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Tirrus    0

Hey again everyone


I'm using stephan's astral malevolent champion build (already died once when my 98% shadow veil buff dropped during boss fight), I find the build nice and simple to play but noticed a problem (atleast for me) I'm only 35 atm on gold which I know will already be an indicator of some kind as to the problem but anyway I find it very difficult to level this character. I am aiming for niob to finally 1000g the game on xbox but I can't find a solid way of gaining xp.


I have tried questing and the orc cave xp method but I find it lacks the killing power to level decently, the NA skeletons make for decent tanks and distractions combined with shadow veil and the skeletal fortifications make for nice extra damage but it doesn't seem able to beat enemies that quickly. this may not be the builds fault probs that I've done something wrong but an help is appriciated.


keep up good work everyone.

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