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We have allready 4 dogs, 3 Leonberger and a Pappilon. Sadly the Pappilon is really old now (19 years, my wife had it even before we met the first time). Even it has no real illness except the age, I don't think it will survive till summer.


So with the Leonbergers as 120 pound beasts, we want at least one dog a bit smaller. I got the chance to get a 'Westerwaelder Kuhhund'. Westerwald is the area I live and a Kuhhund would be a dog used to control caddle. In my area coppicing was done to produce charcoal, bark for tanning, ... In the years after cutting the trees the coppices were small and buckwheat and other plants were grown. So the local cow race was used to feed in forests and forests clearings rather than on wide gras plains. Dogs were used to move the cows away from not wanted places. The problems with cows is: the build a defense ring if attacked by wolves. So the normal shepherd dogs weren't working. The trick was to have fast and agile dogs to annoy the cows rather than being a real treat.





aiming the not injuring bite at the rear-leg which is on ground



and jump away quickly



Old pictures of the race



Only a handful survived when mass-farming replaced the old traditions :( Thing I will get a female one, I allways liked this type of dog as a kid.

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Beautiful dogs, Chattius. I've always like the German Shepherd. If I ever get a dog, it would be one of those.

I've heard that it takes alot of time and discipline to train one, and I don't want to get one before I am prepared to sacrifice alot of my time to it.



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Cute, but sadly they grow and many people set dogs free when they are no longer the small cute pubs. Omg, I really hate shooting dogs which hunt game because they were set free at an autobahn resting place when hotel at vacances place didn't allow dogs. If you don't catch them right away they will become too shy and start to behave like their ancesors.


With a bit luck they have chips or tattoos and owner can be punished.


Back to something more friendly, are their breeders of the longhair variant of the german shepherd at your place? They are normally more robust and less ill because they are not following breeding goals like high front and low back.



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So lucky to have so many animals in your life! We had two only growing up. One an almost entire German Sheppard which was my family's favorite. Always attentive, quiet, and generous of spirit, the day that a fast motorcycle barrreling down the front of the street which hit it was tearful for me and my brother. My dad the next day got us a new puppy, mix samoyed and husky... beautiful dog, jumping bouncing, always happy, and loved water...that was probably the best part.





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I really really miss my 2 Newfoundlands :( Smoke and Shadow were awesome dogs....Used to love getting up on Sunday mornings and walking the beach with them....though rinsing off saltwater from 2 200lb dogs wasn't that much fun :D




Right now we have a golden retriever....sweetest dog I've ever had but not too smart or active...she was used strictly for breeding before being 'retired' and put up for adoption...I don't think she really got any real personal interaction with people or other dogs....she definitely bonded with me (something my daughter doesn't like too much lol) and will follow me any where I go. If I ever stop working crazy hours I'm going to get a golden retriever puppy before the magic of a child and puppy together is lost because of my daughter growing up waaaaaaaay too fast.

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We had two dogs up until recently, one that we had for the better part of my childhood was put down about a month ago at ~17years old (out of 21y of my life), a Border Collie x Kelpie, amazing dog and we all miss him. Our other dog isn't as old and is a chihuahua x mini fox terrier, friendliest fella you could meet, tiniest too, more like a rat in size than a dog...


Border Collie x Kelpie: Jemma.jpg

Chihuahua x mini fox terrier: 976.jpg

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We had 29C yesterday so we decided to do some cayak training with our second for a cayak and canoo tour in summer breaks. Canooing and cayaking is real nice at the place of my parents, down the Lahn river to the Rhine. So yesterday we were training Eskimo-rolls- As soon as our second failed and head was down for more than 5 seconds all our Leonbergers jumped into the water for rescue. They looked a bit frustrated when our second finished the roll on her own. So she grapped the hair of the biggest and allowed him to track her and the cayak to land.

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