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D3 - Buy low, sell high

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So in the previous patch (1.02c or something like that) you could join friends in higher Acts. I made use of this to go shopping. The quality of the goods offered by merchants increases with each step of the main quest line. So by taking an Act 2 toon into Acts 3 and 4, I was able to find some really nice stuff.


Well, I happened to find a min level 20 chest armor with +vitality and 2 sockets!! Naturally I bought one for myself. And then I had a thought. If I buy it for 4250 from the merchant, I wonder what it will sell for in the HC AH? The answer is more than double my money. I bought 10 of them and will sell them one at a time over the next couple of days.


So next time you're shopping, don't just think what you can use, think what you can resell in the AH at a profit!!

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